How to Draw a Leprechaun

Artist: Dawn / February 3, 2008

Step 1.

Okay step one is basiclly drawing a mannequin to use as guidelines to make this whole process alot easier. Look at the image and follow the instructions. Draw a round circle for the head, a fin shape for the torso, stick legs, and arms with round cir   

Step 2.

In this step all you will be doing is sketching out the outlines for the arms and hands. The hands look like webbed duck feet and the reason for this is because it helps to know how far apart to draw the fingers. There is really nothing more to this   

Step 3.

Now this is where you will be sketching alot more. I always start at the top and work my way down. I find this method alot easier for me, but you can do the steps in the order that best fits you. Okay assuming that you are starting at the top, sketch   

Step 4.

Now as you can see the Leprechaun is taking on more form. Finish off the hat by sketching in the band and a card that is hanging out the side of the hat. Move to the face and sketch in the right ear, pupils and eye balls, and frown lines that start a   

Step 5.

And this is what you should end up with when you are finally done. I have him sitting on a wall which is super easy to draw, just sketch out square shapes that are all uneven and smaller and larger from the others. Or you can just pick something that   

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Artist: Dawn
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Description: It’s almost March 17, and if you’re Irish you already know what day I’m talking about, that’s right good ol’ St Patrick's Day. Today I will be teaching you "how to draw a leprechaun", step by step. This is a day where the Irish celebrate in honor of St. Patrick the patron saint of Ireland. He was a pagan who was sold into slavery by Irish marauders who raided his village. While being captive, his faith grew in God and eventually became closer to him. Escaping from slavery after six years, he traveled to Gaul and gave up twelve years to study in the monastery under St. Germain the bishop of Auxerre. He later believed that his mission in life was to convert pagans to Christianity, and that is exactly what he set out to do. He returned back to Ireland to start converting native pagans, but St. Palladius was appointed to carry out the mission by his superiors. Fortunately, two years later Palladius was transferred to Scotland, and Patrick was then appointed second bishop to Ireland. Over the years Patrick traveled all over Ireland and established monasteries across the country as well as schools and churches. It wasn’t till 1737 that St. Patrick’s Day became accustom to America, this was the first year that St. Patrick’s Day was celebrated in the streets of Boston Massachusetts. Today, people still celebrate the Irish holiday by with parades, dressing up in green, and drinking green beer. Even if you’re not Irish you will surely have a good time hanging out with Irishman friends for a guaranteed good time. This is a fun tutorial on "how to draw a leprechaun", step by step. Children and adults can have fun drawing the legendary Irish character with easy to red instructions. Happy St. Patrick’s Day!