How To Draw a Zebra

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Okay this is going to be alot of fun. I love drawing horses and zebras, I think they are so beautiful. The first step to learn when drawing a zebra is sketching out the guidelines that help you keep everything in portion. At the head draw two round c   


Now here is where you are going to shape the zebra head. Now remember horses and zebras have very similar body and head structures keep that in mind when you are sketching out the body and the head. It is really quite simple to draw it is only a squa   


This is a very simple step. What you do here is sketch out the the zebras mane which is very simple. Start just above the horses forehead and work your way back a bit past the shoulder. On the inner legs just draw very subtle lining for the hind and    


Now this is a very short simple step. All you have to do here is finish off the neck lining and sketch in the tail. Make sure you puff up the tail on the end, make it look like teased hair. Detail the ear a little more and you should be ready to proc   


Here is where you will have to take your time and sketch, draw and color in all the zebras stripes. This is a very time consuming step so be patient when attempting this task. It was even more difficult for me to do the second time around in photosho   


And this is the final step. What you should end up with is a sketch that looks like this. All you need to do is clean up your sketch by erasing the guidelines and pencil marks on your paper. Just color the hooves and blacken up the muzzle. Good job!

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February 3, 2008

Description: I’m sure everyone is familiar with the African Zebra; they are in fact part of the same family as horses and mules, their called equids. These animals have a long lifespan in the wild that can live to be 25 years old, and for their size they can move rather quickly. Zebras have teeth made specifically for grinding and cutting grass. The markings on their bodies have distinctive alternating white and black or brown stripes, but even though they all look the same, for every zebra their markings are in fact always different. This species of the equids family as you know have bodies like a horse, but what sets them apart is not only the fact that they live on the plains of Africa, but also because their mane is short, and erect. Their tails are teased at the tip, and last but not least the jail bird colors on their coat. After studying over the years, Scientist believes that their coats provide some form of camouflage to help distort their body shape from predators. They also think that their coats help protect them from the harsh rays and heat of the sun. The typical weight of the Plains zebra ranges from 450-1,000 pounds and the height from shoulder to hoof is around 5 feet. Zebras live in family herds that consist of one stallion, several females and their young. The interesting part of the zebra is the sound they let out, it’s like a hiccupping screechy noise that is recognizable to most African natives. These animals pose no threat to villagers when commuting back and forth between villages. The sad thing is that the zebra is one of the lion’s favorite meals. The zebra is one of my favorite animals to visit at the zoo, and this tutorial will teach you how to draw an African plain zebra step by step. The online instructions are easy to read and contain good details. I hope you have fun.

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