How to Draw a Ferrari

Artist: Dawn / February 28, 2008

Step 1.

Okay like always in my tutorials you will be drawing the guidelines for the Ferrari 599 gto. There is a total of six horizontal lines, these lines will help keep you steady handed and draw the outline of the car much easier. There is also two slanted   

Step 2.

Okay now you are in step 2, don't worry this is a very simple step as with all the other steps. The whole tutorial should only take you 30 minutes to complete. As you can see you will be drawing out the actual outer frame of the Ferrari 599 gto. The    

Step 3.

Now, here is where you will be doing most of the detailing on the body of the Ferrari 599 gto. Always, always start at the top and work your way down. Starting at the top draw out the front and side windows with precision and evenness. After you get    

Step 4.

This is a very, very short and simple step. All you have to do is draw out the rims on the Ferrari 599 gto. The rims are shaped kinda like a star if you really look at them. So having said that lightly sketch the shape and style of the two rims. I sa   

Step 5.

And here is your finished Ferrari 599 GTO as promised. All that is left to do on your side is color her in a nice shiny color. I was going to paint her black but then you wouldn't be able to see any of the line art in the drawing. Hope you had fun wi   

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: February 28, 2008
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Description: Okay everybody, today I chose to do this tutorial on a car, but just any car. What I am going to teach you today is "how to draw a Ferrari, step by step". That’s right people a kick butt car that any guy or girl would love to own. This particular model is not just a regular Ferrari; this machine has some serious power built into it as well. I mean look at it, not only does it have beauty, but it has brains as well, and you all know how rare that is to find in one package with a person or a car. I can actually say that I think this vehicle is absolutely perfect through and through. The drawing I drew in this tutorial is a 2006 and I will tell you the specs on the model, but first I would like to make a comment to any person that actually has the type of cash to purchase one of these priceless sports cars. My comment is all the power to ya! I’m sorry but if anyone can spend that kind of money on a car instead of a house and still have some loose change in their pockets then I must step back and stand in aw. Okay the specs of the Ferrari 599 GTO right. Here it goes: The Engine: 65 degree V-12, 5998 cc, Dry sumped, DOHC, 48 valves total, 4 valves per cylinder, Front longitudinally mounted. Fuel system: fuel injection, Aspiration: naturally aspirated, Maximum Output: 620 bhp at 7600 rpm, Maximum Torque: 608.0 Nm at 5600 rpm, 0-100 km/h: +/- 3,62 second, 0-300 km/h: +/- 29,9 second Top speed: +/- 330 km/h, Power-to-weight: 0.37 bhp / kg, Wheelbase: 2750 mm, Track front: 1690 mm, Track rear: 1618 mm, Traction: Rear wheel drive, Gearbox: Paddle-operated 6 speed, Kerb weight: +/- 1690 kg. WOW, impressive right. That is what I said when I was reading it in my “Car and Driver” magazine while I was taking care of some business in the bathroom. Since I stay home a lot after I go to school, I read a lot of magazines and books. I mean come on you have to read if your any kind of artist, or else where would the inspiration and ideas come from. Well that is enough out of me on this tutorial, so sit back and get ready to learn "how to draw a Ferrari", step by step. After you are done you can color the sports car or you can see how other artists draw a Ferrari your choice.