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For the first step we will tackle the task of drawing out Mewtwo in a full bodied form. Start by making the head shape, then draw a body line that will connect to another shape for the lower portion of Mewtwo. You will then add the arm and hand guide   


Make a round shape for the head, then sketch out the actual profile of Mewtwo. Once that is done you will draw out the eye, as well as the neck and other horn shape.


Let's start the full frontal of Mewtwo shall we? Start with a circle for the head then sketch in the facial guide.


You will sketch out the actual structure of Mewtwo's face which should also include the small horns. Notice how the jaw line is squared and or pointed.


Next, draw the large squinting eyes, then color in the pupils. You will also need to add the nostril dashes.


Make the shape of Mewtwo's neck, then draw the tubing behind the neck and head. Erase the mistakes you may have made along the way as well as all the guides.


Here is Mewtwo when you are all done. Now you can go ahead and color this Pokemon species in.

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June 6, 2012

Description: There is only one way to describe this Pokemon species, and that is pure villain. I had to make a tutorial on "how to draw Mewtwo easy" because I know there is a lot of Mewtwo fans out there. I was also asked if I could make this lesson so because I haven't been around in an active manner lately, I just had to go ahead and get this drawing done ASAP. Mewtwo is another Pokemon figure that I grew up to watching and reading. It is supposed to be the evil counterpart to Mew, but knowing how Mew is so peaceful and pure, I could never believe that such a creature was created in Mew's image. I really did have a lot of fun with recreating such an oldie but goodie as far as Pokemon go. I think you fans out there will also enjoy drawing Mewtwo easy as well. Adios people and stay tuned in for more drawing fun!

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