How to Draw a Flower Dragon


For step one, just draw out an oval shaped head, and then a line to represent the middle of the body. A line on top of the curve to represent the middle of the wing. And then the base of the rose at the end of the tail.


Draw the body, the wing and the base of the head. Sorry the tummy is a little chubby ^^


Now draw the feet and claws. Make the claws and feet look like penguin flippers for now (: Make the tail a little thicker, and draw two cute horns on the top of the head.


Draw out the wings, the base of the eye and a beak-like nose.


Draw the pupil and finish up the rose.


Draw his little claws and feet and make them look a little crooked. Don't forget the sharp nails!


Now the hardest part. Draw a bunch of squiggly lines in the rectangle shaped thing on his back and his tail. You don't have to directly copy mine and don't overdo it and leave some space between them!


Last and the easiest step! Erase all the unnecessary lines (:


Color your dragon in if you want and make him colorful since it's supposed to be a lovely nature loving dragon (:

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March 30, 2012

Description: Hey everyone! Today this tutorial will help you with how to draw a cute flower dragon step by step! Now remember, if you don't get it right the first time, take your time and know that practice always makes perfect! (: Good luck!!

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