How to Draw Oriental Dragons

Artist: Dragonvoid / March 16, 2012

Step 1.

So an Oriental, no wings, and four legs. This dragon is great to draw because of its unique line of motion, because it is generally so long you can almost draw a continious line going anywhere and will be able to place a dragon on top of it.

Step 2.

Orientals have changed from ancient history, Once they were more 'traditional', Thick wide head, Whiskers, antlers, that sort of thing but now, it seems that whether you change the head to make it more sleek or not it still retains its identity. (Oth   

Step 3.

Anyway, Back and front legs will remain the same for Occidentals Yay! You should plan for these appendages as it will be hard to just add them, especially if you already added a good deal of detail.

Step 4.

Claws and scales and everything else, the cool, fun stuff. Anyway just a side note most of these dragons use a simple body plate. Also I added fur. I do the simple one more simply because it is simple but if you can pull off the wavy more power to yo   

Step 5.

So start with your line of motion then decide where to place your head, chest, and hip. Or start with the head.

Step 6.

Now add, lightly, some basic detail like where the fur will be. it might be smarter to place a shape there as a place holder for the fur until later but I added it right away. Make sure you place where you want the other appendages before you start a   

Step 7.

And now you finish off your Oriental with the details!

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Artist: Dragonvoid
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Description: So this is about how to draw the Oriental dragon. (Oriental meaning 'pertaining to the far east') They are long, have beautiful manes, whiskers, are associated with water, and despite not having wings are able to fly. My bet is on magnetism, after all what in the world is more magical then that? besides the world is surrounded by a magnetic field why not use it? They are by far the largest Dragon species, being the longest by far I assume that they would also grow A little faster then the others as they got older. In flight I would have to imagine them Like the dragon in The 'Dragon wars' if you havn't seen the moive, don't worry you didn't miss much but Youtube that fight at the end it was the greatest part in the whole thing and the dragon was so cool! It moves through the air like water and really what is air but water? all the states of matter are really like one another just different if you catch my meaning. Hey at least we don't have to draw wings now!;) Criticism is Welcome!