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How to Draw a Death Dragon

Artist: Dawn / March 21, 2012
How to Draw a Death Dragon

Step 1.

This is a sketch I made that shows the differences between the same dragon. As you can see the dragon to the left is the death dragon dragon, and the one to the right is what the dragon would look like if it wasn't full of death.

Step 2.

Start by drawing two shapes, one for the head and the other for the body. Draw the connecting neck line.

Step 3.

Next up, you will start sketching out the head structure of the dragon which is the forehead, snout, and jawline. The mouth line should be drawn in a jagged manner.

Step 4.

Next, draw in the horns, as well as the eye and some of the detailed lining on the lower part of the jaw.

Step 5.

Draw the entire neck shape as well some of the body which is in the form of the spine bones. Sketch in the missing tissue line and then draw some of the shoulder.

Step 6.

Next up, draw the arms as well as the talons. Sketch in the detailing to the skin's texture or surface like so, and then add lining for the belly and chest.

Step 7.

Okay guys here you will draw the dragons legs. One in the front and the other in the back. Next, add the feet or claws and then detail the legs before you leave this step.

Step 8.

Sketch in the exposed bone detailing which is flowing up and down the neck. You're actually drawing the cartilage as well as some membrane tissue as far as detailing. Add the lining for the rib-cage, and then draw some toes on the hind leg or foot. S   

Step 9.

Your death dragon is coming along nicely. You will draw the back end, and then draw the hind leg. Make some nicely arched claws on the back foot like so before you leave this step.

Step 10.

Before you draw the bony tail for your death dragon, you will need to add some more detailing to the hind leg and around the ankle. When you have completed this task, you can begin drawing the exposed bony tail drawing each layer of bone at a time.

Step 11.

You will now start drawing the wing, and as you can see it is lacking any real wing based tissue. Add detailing to the arm part of the wing, and then draw in the exposed skeleton like teeth.

Step 12.

You will now draw the three finger like bones for the dragon's wing and add the joint lines where applicable.

Step 13.

Lastly, you will start sketching out the decaying skin tissue on the wing, and then add all the last minute definition on the wings. Erase all the mistakes as well as the guidelines that you added along the way.

Step 14.

Here is the end product of your death dragon. Now you can have fun coloring it in. Great work everyone.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: March 21, 2012
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Tags: draw dragons
Description: Here is another dragon to add to the collection. I didn't know what really to call this concept sketch so I went ahead and named it a death dragon. Needless to say that if you choose to tackle this tutorial, you will be learning "how to draw a death dragon" as well. I made this creation while I was live the other night and to my surprise there where actually folks that liked it. I have drawn so many different types of dragons in my day which means I almost have a loss for words when it comes down to giving you guys a good description. I will say that making deathly creatures is fun, but it is also challenging too. If you have been practicing with drawing dragons, you should be able to tackle this one as well. People that have just started with drawing may find the tutorial complicated and if you do, I would recommend that you try the cartoon dragon, or try drawing a dragon for kids. This way here you will have some kind of basic experience. Any-who, that does it for this submission, I still have one more to go so stick around folks to see whatโ€™s next.