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How to Draw a Flower

Artist: nicole_arty / March 9, 2012
How to Draw a Flower

Step 1.

this part of the tut is about how to draw the flower parts just incase you need it okay so when you do the flower for the design you will do the line from the previos oe and work from that

Step 2.

then you complete it like so

Step 3.

now to do the flower so do as i have just shown u above then u shold have 2 parts of the flower

Step 4.

now do another one

Step 5.

keep going until you have nearly done a full circle as shown in pic

Step 6.

now just draw in the last peice of the flower

Step 7.

now for the leafs what you can put anywere you chose around the flower so just draw this shape in the picture

Step 8.

now do a line through the middle

Step 9.

now do the lines from the center and tilt it slightly towards the tip of the leaf shape and thats how to draw the leafs for the flower

Step 10.

and your done i hope you enjoyed my tut on how to do a flower ;D

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