How to Write the word Duck in Chinese


i used a red pen for this tut but you can use anything so first make the box with its sligtly curved on the corners and with those little bumps near the edges


now for the line coming out of the midlle bottom of the box


now do the funniy looking line next to the one you have just done


now for the line inbetween the stuff thats done make sure the right hand side finishes more fatter and the left with a lil bump at top of it


now for the lines first the one slightly above the top of the characters on the right middle and then the one just below the line were you have just done one above then you are done i hope you enjoyed my tut on how to write duck in chinese made for   

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March 9, 2012

Description: duck in chinese made for dizzy_duckie hope you enjoy my tut

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