How to Draw a Lily for Kids, Calla Lily

How to Draw a Lily for Kids, Calla Lily
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Simply make an oval shape for the base of your calla lily.


You will now draw the first part of the flower bloom starting at the top point, and flowing downward. Repeat this process on the opposite side like so until you have a nice curvy petal.


Draw the sides of the flower bloom like so, and then draw in the middle which is the stamen.


Lastly, draw the thick, hearty stem of the calla lily like so, and then clean up the sketch freeing it from mistakes.


Here you have a beautiful finished drawing of a lily. color it in, and you can even extend the stem to draw it in a vase.

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March 1, 2012

I know almost everyone knows what a lily is and how beautiful they are. What some people don’t know is how many different lily species there are. This lesson is going to show you "<em>how to draw a lily for kids</em>", step by step. The type of flower that is in this tutorial is actually called a calla lily, and they are probably one of my favorite lilies to date. You will see these types of flowers displayed in pretty clear vases in your home and garden section at your local home improvement store like Lowes or Home Depot. They are around fifteen dollars to buy in a vase, but they are well worth it. I had a lot of fun making this lily for you all and I have a feeling that more than just ‘novice’ artists will be tackling the task of drawing a calla lily for kids. I will be back with more detailed and exciting lessons momentarily, but for now have fun with this simple flower tutorial on one of the prettiest lilies. Peace people and enjoy!

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