How to Draw Magnolias, Magnolias


You are drawing two flowers, so only make two circles angenendt to each other.


Starting in the center, sketch out the cone like shape for the stamen base or stem. Next, sketch out the first pedal of the flower like so.


Continue to draw out the pedals and if you know what an artichoke is, than you will understand when I say that the pedals are shaped like artichoke leaves. Take your time as you draw in each pedal the way you see it done here.


Finish drawing in the pedals for the first magnolia flower like so. The bottom pedals should be slightly wider than the ones you just drew.


Start the second magnolia the same way you did the first one. Sketch out the cone shaped center, and then draw out the pedals.


Draw out the other three pedals like so, and as you can see this second flower or magnolia is a little easier to draw than the first one.


Okay guys, you have reached the final step. The last magnolia pedals are going to be shorter and wider than the others you drew for this bloom. Once the edges are sketched out nice and you feel confident that the flowers are drawn to the best of your   


Here is what the finished, cleaned up picture looks like when all is said and done. Now you can color in your pretty flowers and show everyone how you learned how to draw magnolias all by yourself.

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August 17, 2011

Description: If you don’t already know, I have been super busy over the past few weeks and because of this I will be brief with some of the descriptions that I provide for each lesson I submit. I don’t think I will be uploading more tutorials today, but I will be back tomorrow with some more stuff that I think you will enjoy. For now though, let me take you on another flower journey that will trick your mind into smelling a fragrance that is not there. If you look in the flower section under the ‘pop culture’ category, you will see that I have a tutorial on drawing a magnolia. Today, I will fill a request and teach you peeps "how to draw magnolias", step by step. One of the main reasons why these flowers are so popular is because they are beautiful, and they omit a strong lemon like fragrance that is very strong. Just one bloom will smell up a whole room into blissful aromatic heaven. A common thing that folks do with magnolias is place them in pools as part of a decorating concept for special occasions. They are also used for banquet bouquets, as well as center pieces using crystal vases. The magnolia bloom is not from a bush, they are actually flowers that grow on the branches of the magnolia tree. It may seem like this flower would be complex to replicate, but the truth is magnolias are pretty easy to draw if you take your time and follow an awesome lesson. I think you will find that when it comes to creating this flower, you will be pleasantly pleased that it was actually a fun task to take on. Thanks for joining me once again guys, I hope you enjoyed the drawing day.

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