How to Draw a Girls Body

Artist: titiavryl / June 6, 2011

Step 1.

It all starts with drawing a circle, this circle is important because this will be the basis on which we create the proportions of our character does not matter whether male or female. Once you do that we must draw eight circles in a vertical way th   

Step 2.

The following is to create the skeleton of the character based on the measurements of the circles as shown in the picture, so get pleasing proportions and with little distortion, if you want her character is that man alone should increase the width o   

Step 3.

Now it is easier to draw our character based on the skeleton is only a matter of creating the volume as shown in the image using as guides the shoulders, hips, elbows, etc.

Step 4.

In order to create characters in different poses all you have to do is take the measurements obtained earlier skeletal, and manipulate their position to obtain the required position, ie it can move the knee, the hip angle or twist the spine to create   

Step 5.

Another tip is before you draw the real complexion of character is preferable to test first drawing ovals to simulate the volume of limbs and body of the character, this will give us a better idea of the volume and also gives us the opportunity to ma   

Step 6.

Now you can start making the final line of our character, thanks to the previous strokes this is a very easy task to simply draw on the skeleton.

Step 7.

It's time to start adding details on the face started, the easiest way to get a good proportion of the face is to draw a line across the face which define which is the center of it. Then draw another horizontal Line roughly in the middle of the fa   

Step 8.

This should be the location of facial features also must take into account that the height of the ears is the same as that of the eyes.

Step 9.

Now what follows is to continue the hair the first thing is to define the line of hair growth as this is defined on the direction of the hair, it is also important to draw the lines that represent the volume of hair.

Step 10.

Now continue drawing the rest of the hair, depending on the context of the characters must decide if the hair will move or not, either way it should draw the line consistently follow the line of hair growth and respect the lines of hair volume.

Step 11.

Now we have almost ready our character, but is still naked.

Step 12.

Now it's time to dress our characters, you can choose the dress of your choice but most important is to take into account the volume of the body of the character so that the clothes look like part of it.

Step 13.

Now if you are ready the characters with the correct proportion and a nice view.

Step 14.

Now it's time for the colored tips, the first is to decide the colors we use, it is important to choose them from the beginning as it helps us to visualize a little better the finished drawing, it is also advisable to choose them is taken into accoun   

Step 15.

The following is the most important step at the time of coloring, which is to define the point of light, you can put more than one point of light but this time with a single work. It should display like a light bulb and it lights up your character   

Step 16.

As a final touch add a touch of light in specific areas to emphasize some details and drawing more enjoyable, such as the eyes add points to make them more attractive light and bright light in the hair or legs.

Step 17.

Now we have finished, you can add some depth to the picture to make it more interesting if they think fit.

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Artist: titiavryl
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