How to Draw a Sexy Chick, Sexy Tattoo


Ok folks, get your pencils and patience ready to start this lesson! When drawing a fit female from the back, you'll be needing to create a basic setup of guidelines to get their 'curves' in place attractively. This girl is going to have her rear jutt   


Next, it's time to evaluate where to place the face and facials. Start with a semi-heart shape for the forehead and work down to a narrow chin. Make sure you keep the cheeks rather fluffed outwards to emphasize a female appearance.


So, we're going to move onto drawing the facials for this lovely curvy female. Start with each eye, keeping in mind that perspective is applied here. Draw the right out smaller and the left one larger. Whatever shifts to the right, will appear smalle   


Next, we'll flesh out more of the facials by adding her curved brows and the rest of her robust lips. Keep in mind, the theme of this drawing is all dependent on 'curves'.


Now, keeping in mind that we've got to keep this image using lots of curves, we have to apply this to the hair. Make a strand every curve jump to give her a lovely sexy look.


Now, it's time to draw her shoulders as well as arms and left butt cheek. When you draw the arms, keep in mind, that they're curved as well. Notice how I barely use sharp edges for any of the body parts. Start with the biceps and work your way down t   


Now, we can move onto drawing the buns as well as the breast and fingers. Draw the breast first before you shift to draw the fingers. When drawing the fingers, draw each one rather than all in one shot. Once you've finished the upper part, move onto    


Woo! We're almost done with this chick. Time to work on her boy shorts. Take your time and draw simple curved lines across each side. For the lower part of the shorts, they run thicker once it reaches the center of the butt. If you don't want any sho   


Alright, this step might be hard or easy for some of ya'll. Work from the thickest part of each leg and once it gets to the knee (middle), thin it down and let it flare into the calves.


Finish the high heels, and we're almost done!


Ok, we're done! Clean up your lines, and ink it over with pen or Prismacolor Black colored pencil. I had fun creating this lesson, and I hope you did too! Thanks for viewing and don't forget to post your version.

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June 3, 2011

Description: Hey everyone! I'm back with another drawing tutorial, and this one is gonna be fun for all you guys (or girls) looking for some spice. We'll be peeping in on a tutorial on "how to draw a sexy tattoo girl", in simple steps. I had fun creating this girl, and you probably will too! Keep in mind, this girl is really curvy, so it's best you're ready for all these curves. Like any fit female, their bodies are way softer and curved than males. Males have sharp edges unlike females. Anyways, I'm gonna pop in on my other tuts. Thanks for viewing and enjoy!

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