How to Draw a Little Girl


Start with a circle for the head and then draw a middle line for the center of the body pose.


Draw the shape of her face, and then begin drawing out her pretty hairstyle starting with the front hair line.


Draw thick top eyelids like you see here and make sure to have the lashes flare at the ends for the lashes. Next, draw the thin eyebrow lines and then make an ear shape as well as her smirk.


Finish drawing out the eyes by adding the eyeballs. As you can see the left side of the eye is thick. Sketch the blush marks on her cheeks, and then add the ear detailing.


Simply draw out her full looking hairstyle which is long and sort of curly.


Now you can get busy by working on getting her body drawn out. You can do this by drawing the shoulders, and then her chunky style arms and hands like so.


Draw in the sleeve trim on her upper arms, and then sketch in some arm detailing.


Continue to draw out her dress, and then draw the lap. As you can see her end line of the dress is wavy, so be sure to do the same as well as sketch in some creases and folds.


Draw the bottom of the dress under her butt, and then sketch out the shape of the chunky style legs and feet as well as the small heels.


Lastly, draw the straps for her shoes and then start erasing the lines and shapes that you drew in step one to clean up this awesome drawing of a little girl.


Now color her in and have fun with the shades of her clothes, eyes and hair. I had a lot of fun with you as we drew a little girl, be sure to join me once again.

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April 29, 2011

Description: Here is another drawing lesson I did for my seven year old sister. She asked if I could make her a tutorial that can teach her "how to draw a little girl", step by step, but she didn't want me to make it look like her at all. I've actually had this lesson siting in my tutorial folder since the 26th, so I figured it was about time to get the ball rolling and get my butt into gear and finally submit the darn tutorial. It's a really cute sketch of a little girl sitting down as she looks innocent and ready to play. The block is actually colored in instead of drawn, but you can certainty draw her sitting on a chair or a simple box. I had fun making this tutorial on "how to draw a little girl" for my little sister. Hopefully you have the opportunity to make someone happy by giving the gift of art. I think I'm going to call it a night and end the tutorial day. I only had one left to upload but is was just a step by step version of Ray William Johnson which means the lesson can wait till tomorrow. I guess that's all guys, have fun with your new tutorials, and be sure to let me know what you thought. Peace!

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