How to Draw Anime Bodies


When drawing a figure you should start off with the head. So first draw a circle.


Add the chin by drawing a shape similar to a triangle at the base of the circle, but with slightly curvy lines.


Divide the head in 2. The bottom half is where your character's facial features will be drawn. Next divide the bottom half of the head in 2.


Now you must again, divide the 2 bottom halves in 2 equal sized portions. The reason for all the dividing was finding out where to place the eyes, nose and lips.


Draw the eyes between the first 2 lines(1 &2), the nose between lines 2 and 3 and place the mouth on the last division line, aka the 4th line.


Now onto the body. The male body can be divided into 8 equal divisions the same size as the head. The female body however can be divided into 7 and a half divisions, the female body generally being smaller and more curvy.


Make a stick figure using the divisions as guidelines. The joints are usually on the guidelines, except for the shoulders which are slightly lower and the elbows which are in between lines 2 and 3. Here's a small guide to what every division results    


Draw the outline of the body by taking into consideration the guidelines. Don't forget that women have their bodies made of oval, softer shapes while men have their bodies made of trapezoid, angular shapes.


Add the hair and you're all done! Voila! Your female front view is finished!


Now for a 3/4 side view and striking a pose. Draw a circle and this time make the chin face a side: left or right. Let's try drawing it facing left. You can use a triangle-like shape as a guideline.


Draw an arch that begins at the tip of the head and ends at the chin. This will be a guide for the eyes, nose and mouth and represents the middle of the front view of the head, but viewed in 3/4.


Draw the guides for the eyes by drawing 2 lines and then draw the eyes.


Draw another 2 guidelines and add the nose and the mouth. The ears will be drawn using these guides as well since the ears have the same size as the space between these lines.


Next are the shoulders and torso. Draw these by using lines for the bones and outlines of the shape, and circles for the joints.


The same step for the arms. Don't forget that the forearm and the arm are the same size as the head!


For the hands use trapezoids and triangles as basic shapes. The palm is shaped like a trapezoid and the thumb and other 4 fingers are shaped like triangles.


The same steps for the hips and crotch. Remember that women are wide and curvy in this region!


Repeat the same steps for the legs. Observe the proportions! The size of the torso plus hips is the same as the region between the knee to the hip.


For the feet use polygonal shapes taking into consideration the ankles, heels, and the pads of the feet.


Next add the hair and clothes. The clothes shouldn't stick to the body unless they are extremely tight. Use the shape of the body to draw them and don't forget to add folds! Congratulations! You're finished.

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April 18, 2011

Description: In this tutorial you will learn how to draw an anime body using stick figures. Also you will learn a few proportion tricks that will help you draw as accurately as possible, such as what shapes to use when drawing certain body parts, what relations are between the head and the rest of the human figure and some properties of the female body type. For example the hand is as big as the region between the hairline and the chin, the arm and forearm are as big as the head, the foot is as big as the forearm, the legs are 3 and a half times the size of the head and the torso is 2 times the size of the head. This tutorial will be easy to learn from if you follow the steps. I broke the tutorial in two parts: one portraying the female figure in frontal view and the other in 3/4 view, which will help you to better understand the human anatomy. Also the first part is more about proportions while the second part has more to do with poses and shapes. Learning from tutorials isn't enough though, you should take the time to draw from real life because this way you have a better chance at understanding the human anatomy. Also perspective is an important thing to understand. For example I've often seen artists draw one eye smaller than the other when drawing the head in 3/4 view, or simply making them identical, which is a commonly made mistake. The only thing that changes in this case is the width and not the height of the eye, because the distance between the eyes is so small that seeing them in perspective doesn't affect their visual size. There are many more thing to be said but best advice I can give is to ask your friends to pose for you, this is a fun and practical way of learning how to draw. Thank you for reading and thank you for the opportunity to create a tutorial such as this! Have fun!

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