How to Draw Hair For Boys


Here is a few different ideas for male based hairstyles that are pretty popular during the times of today. As you can see the faces of each male is the same and that is because I used the one face sketch to dress up each head with different hair for    


This is more drawings of different styles and as you can see they are a bot different that the first four. Take a look and make a choice, or you can go through the long hall and draw all the styles you see in this lesson.


Here is an example of how you should draw in the center of the part on the head. Use thin lines with long strokes to form each hair strand.


Here is three different hair examples that explains in better detail what types of stroke to use when drawing hair for boys. This is just reference pictures I found on the internet.


The first thing we need to do is draw out the face of the male model that we will be using. Start with a circle and then add some facial guidelines.


Sketch out the shape of the face like you see here and as you can see the bottom of the chin is sort of square.


Simply draw out one ear as well as the inner ear detailing. If you are going with the style of ear you see here, then be sure that the lining is edgy.


Draw in the edgy style eyebrows like so, and then sketch in the eyes, eyeballs, and then be sure that the lashes are sort of darkened.


This is the last step for the face of your male model. Sketch in the nose, and mouth on a 3/4 view angle and then draw the neck as well as the neck detailing.


If you plan on drawing all eight styles, you will have to draw all eight heads. This is what your first step should look like when you are done making eight heads.


Start each step the way you see it done here. Take your time so you don't get too overwhelmed. You can decide whether or not to make all eight, or choose between one, two or three.


Continue to draw each hairstyle the way you see it done for you here. I think you will find that having so much variety when it comes to drawing hair for boys, is pretty helpful.


All you will be doing here is sketching in all the detailing and definition to each style. Draw in the skulls on the bandanna, and clean up the drawing to prepare each style for color.


Fourteen steps later, you get to see how the styles came out. I hope you found this tutorial on drawing hair for boys helpful because I know that if I where to stumble upon a lesson like this and I was still have trouble with drawing hair, I would be   

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November 16, 2011

Description: I know you guys didn’t think I was going to just upload a lesson on drawing hair for girls and not do another that will teach you "how to draw hair for boys", step by step did you? As you know like girls, your average male will fuss and fight with their hair in the mirror, and also like girls they use hair care products to make their styles look even more extravagant and stable. This lesson is going to show you all the many different ways to draw hair for boys in a very detailed but simple manner. I know you will have fun because almost everyone loves to learn new ways to dress their male character drawings with different dos. There is going to be a lot of steps, but they are for your own good. Be sure to leave a comment, fav, or even rate this tutorial so others know whether or not it will help the novice artist, and even those of you that have been drawing for a while. Peace out people and enjoy!

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