How to Draw a Dragonfly

Artist: Dawn / January 27, 2009

Step 1.

Ok this is a pretty basic step. We must first define the frame of the dragonfly so drawing the outer pieces of it will be much easier. The frame is pretty much the core of drawing so that you have all your proportions right. So begin with a circle th   

Step 2.

Now in this step we will begin to draw the outer lines of the dragonfly. This should be fairly easy because of the guidelines we added. Add the trim of the wings at the top of the wings and the second set of wings. Dragonflies have two sets of wings.   

Step 3.

Ok now this is the fun part. This is where we finish all of the outer body parts that are important! As you can see there are swirls extending from the bottom of the wing. These are unnecessary but you can add them in if you want. I added these just    

Step 4.

This is where we will add in the unique and pretty designs for our dragonfly. The designs we will be adding are the ones on the thorax and abdomen. This will customize your insect so it looks really nice! After you have done that draw in the legs and   

Step 5.

Alright people, this step is really easy. All your doing is adding the scaly looking lines into the wings. This is definitely easy to accomplish. You can add in your own designs for the wings if you want. After you've done that you should be done.

Step 6.

Well folks this is where the journey ends. Make sure you erase the guidelines from step one and you should definitely be done. A lot of people ask me how do you know what's guidelines or not. I tell them that most of the guidelines are drawn in step    

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: January 27, 2009
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Description: Hello everyone welcome back to and to another drawing tutorial that I think you will all love and enjoy. I’ve been having a lot of fun recently with the lessons that I’ve been submitting. For the first lesson of the day I will show you how to draw a dragonfly step by step. Dragonflies are probably the only insect that can be drawn in a very pretty and cute manor. Colors can be incorporated in a way that can make these insects look good enough to be placed on your body as a tattoo. In fact, there are more and more females getting dragonfly tattoos around the world. The reason behind such madness is still yet unknown. I know that when I was thinking of the concept to draw a dragonfly sketch, I wanted it to come out looking like an insect but also have a decorative look as well. Most people always ask whether or not dragonflies sting like a bee, or are they just insects that fly around and exist and not bother anyone at all. The fact is, dragonflies do not sting because they lack a stinger, but there have been some cases where the dragonfly larvae sting when touched in a rough nature. Sometimes during the summer month’s people will mistake a dragonfly for a bee. I know when I used to play outside when I was little, I’d spot a dragonfly and mistaken it for a bee. I know it’s sad that I’m scared of bugs XD I’ve always wondered why bugs scared people so much. Later on I’m gonna look it up to find out why that is. So, the dragonfly we will be drawing today is very girly and pretty. I wanted to make this insect very interesting and new so it wouldn’t be a boring and lame tutorial. I know I added some mutations to the dragonfly like the swirls at the end of the wings. I hope you will enjoy this fun filled tutorial! I had a lot of fun experiences designing this bug! Learning how to draw a dragon fly step by step can be wicked! Have fun people!