How to Draw a Dragonfly for Kids

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Make one simple circle like so, and then a body line should be sketched in as well.


Thicken the shape you drew in step one because this is going to be the head. Draw in two big eyes, and then draw two curly antenna.


Draw out the body like so, and draw in a circle in the middle of the thorax.


Here in this step, you will be drawing out the dragonfly wings. As you can see there is two wings on each side of their body. You can choose to tweak the style of wing if you like, or you can leave it how you see it here.


Repeat the same exact thing with step five as you did in step four. Draw the left wings like so, and move along.


Okay guys are you ready to finish this dragonfly off? Good so am I. All you have to do is sketch in the rib pattern on each wing you drew. Once that is done you can clean up the mess to prepare this drawing for coloring.


That's it, choose your color pallet, and begin adding some vibrant patterns to this beautiful dragonfly.

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December 14, 2011

Description: Here is another animal tutorial that will be going in the for kids category. Here is "how to draw a dragonfly for kids", step by step. I want to make sure that I have some of the more popular or sought after animals where available for novice artists that want to take things slow and learn how to draw on a timely basis. Drawing a dragonfly for kids is going to be good fun for everyone else too because it's such a simple design that drawing this insect is fun. I colored mine using a hot-pink shade with powder blue colored wings. There isn't really anything else for me to say about this dragonfly seeing how I have described how to draw one of these bugs so many times before. So have fun, and be sure to rate, comment, and fav if you like.

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