How to Draw Anime Eyes for Beginners

Artist: Dawn / March 21, 2015

Step 1.

Seductive Eyes| As explained above, this is a simple demonstration on how the seductive and 'tired' an eye can get for female characters. 1) The normal and awakened eye, would be great for any type of character (or a mix to be unique); this eye is eq   

Step 2.

Shadow Breakdown| Here's my basic breakdown on how I shade and highlight anime eyes. I start off with the simplest upper lid which dictates my next move wisely. I go ahead and add the inner iris and lower lid to add depth. Then, coloring around a pre   

Step 3.

Referencing and Diversity| It's best to reference various anime eyes and artist styles in order to evolve your own. Every budding artist (from music to film making) gets inspired by a style before morphing their own. It's inspiration that drives an a   

Step 4.

Let us begin with the top lid lines and for this set of eyes the lids are very thick, jagged and bold.

Step 5.

Here you will draw in the actual shapes of the eyeballs like you see here. They are oblong and are straight lined. When that is complete you can draw the bottom lid lines along with the small lashes.

Step 6.

Okay, are you ready to finish off this lesson? Good, do so by drawing the thin lined eyebrows and then sketch in the creases for the eyelids. Add the pupils too and then if you made mistakes you can erase them now.

Step 7.

When all is said and done your anime eyes should end up looking like the ones you see here or the ones that you chose to draw.

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Artist: Dawn
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Description: Everyday more and more novice artists join Dragoart in hopes to improve on their drawing skills and in more times than one, people are seeking to draw anime or just eyes in a better way that they can do now. So, in light of that here is a lesson that I know will help any artist who wants to improve on drawing eyes. I present to you, how to draw eyes for beginners, step by step. I haven't done a lesson like this one in such a long time but now that I have, I am very happy with it. I do except that this lesson on drawing anime eyes for beginners will reach the top 50 in no time at all and when it does, it will be easier to find that perfect lesson you are searching for. Anyways, have fun and remember to let me know if this tutorial helped you out.