How to Draw Ears For Beginners

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Hey guys! Let's begin this tut with a few helpful pointers on drawing ears, not just anime ears, but realistic ones too. In this tip presentation, I give you a few pointers on where to place ears and how to draw them. Remind yourself not to draw them   


Generally, in anime art as well as realistic human art, ears will be as lengthy as the eye space. The smaller the eyes, the shorter length the ears will be. This varies, depending on the face structure as well. You can't have small eyes and a huge fa   


Now, here I present the correct way of drawing an ear, as well as the incorrect way. If you're drawing a detailed character, and you have an ear drawn lacking the same amount of detail, the ear will look out of place, and ruin the drawing's unity. Ag   


As you draw various position of heads, you'll come to find out that there's just so many ways you've got to draw the ears along with them. Avoiding from drawing something difficult, isn't going to make your better. By practicing and referencing, you'   


Now, using what we've learned from above, here's a few styles and forms that ears can be stylized in. I've included a few fantasy forms here, as well as simplified versions. Remember, if you're going to draw simplified ears, make sure the character i   


One simple step. Draw the shape of the desired ear, then sketch in the inner ear detailing for the cartilage on the inner part of the ear, then draw in the cartilage detailing on the further parts of the ear. Erase the mistakes if you made any.

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April 2, 2015

Description: There is always something new that one can learn when it comes to being a beginning artist. That is the case with this lesson that I am about to upload right now. Today, I will be teaching all you newbies how to draw ears for beginners, step by step. This lesson has been requested before in the past, but I have never gotten around to it because of all the tip steps that has to be made before uploading such a tut. This tutorial will help you draw ears in an easy to understand style. I've included tips for those of you who want to understand the drawing ears process a whole lot better. So go ahead and have some fun while you learn something new at the same time.

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