How to Draw a Dog Head, Dog Head

Artist: finalprodigy / August 16, 2011

Step 1.

Start out by picking your pencils. I used a 2H pencil for light shading/lines, an HB for sketching/shading, and 2B/B pencils for dark shading and lines.

Step 2.

Start out by drawing a basic sketch of the dog's head. Make sure that you are sketching as lightly as possible. Use the guidelines if you need them.

Step 3.

Use a blending stump or cloth to roughly shade in the background. This allows the foreground to pop out a bit more.

Step 4.

I like beginning the detailing process with the eyes. You'll want to start out by defining your lines a bit and making them look less sketchy. I used a 2H pencil for this.

Step 5.

Now, use the 2B and B pencils to define the eyes. Make your eyes as clean as possible.

Step 6.

Now roughly shade in the forehead and the area around the eyes. Depending on what kind of paper you are using you may or may not have to add more than one layer of shading. Since I am using water color paper, which is very textured, I had to add more   

Step 7.

Now work on the ear. Define the outline and in the shadows that are separating it from the head.

Step 8.

Shade in the ear using a 2H pencil. Try to get a feel for how the fur is flowing when drawing your lines. Don't just scribble in the shading.

Step 9.

Now move your shading towards the nose. Use a B and HB for shading the nose itself. Continue using the 2H for the fur.

Step 10.

Use the 2H to add a layer of gray to the rest of the snout.

Step 11.

Go in with 2B and B pencils and define the dark parts of the mouth. Use an HB to shade.

Step 12.

After you have shaded in the rest of the dog you are done with the first layer. All you need to do now is go back (in the same order) and add another layer of shading on the fur using a 2H. Be sure to define your outlines and clean up your background   

Step 13.

Here is the result of going over my shading again and cleaning up the lines. A lot of people have been asking where I get all of my supplies, well I finally put up a list of what I use and where to get it on my website, Just browse    

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Artist: finalprodigy
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Description: Hey everyone, here's a new dog tutorial which focuses on the head. I used a picture of a Polish Hunting Dog for reference just in case you were wondering. Get pencils, paper, and erasers ready!