How to Draw a Realistic Flower

Artist: finalprodigy / August 31, 2011

Step 1.

Start out by picking your pencils. For this drawing I used an HB for sketching, a 2H for light shading/lines and a B for dark shading/lines.

Step 2.

Before getting started it'll help to sketch some flowers just to get into the groove of things. Here I've tying to show you what to look for when drawing flowers. Basically figure out how many petals the flower has and what basic shape they form. The   

Step 3.

Next up is a plumeria flower(top) and a callalily (bottom). Once you have done your fair share of sketching you can move on to the main drawing.

Step 4.

Start out by drawing a basic sketch of the day lily. notice that it has six petals. and basically forms a circle. Sketch lightly with an HB pencil.

Step 5.

Once you have your sketch go ahead and shade in your background. I used an HB pencil and a paper towel for this.

Step 6.

Define you outline using a B pencil and use the HB do darken the background. Use a blending stump or paper towel to blend. Blend in the flower guidelines as well.

Step 7.

Use an eraser to mark out where the flower's stamen will be.

Step 8.

Use a 2H pencil to draw in the stamen. From here on out the 2H should be enough to shade the rest of the flower.

Step 9.

Use your eraser to erase the highlights of the inner petals. These are basically just lines that curve with the form of the flower petals.

Step 10.

Now use the 2H pencil to add in the shading. Use a blending stump to blend a bit if you need to.

Step 11.

Go ahead and erase the highlights for the outer petals now.

Step 12.

Finish up the drawing by shading in the outer petals. Use a B pencil to go over the flower's outline again if you need to. I hope this tutorial was informative. Let me know if you try out the drawing!

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Description: Hey everyone, here's another flower tutorial for you all. This one has a few extra pointers that my other flower tutorials don't have and deals with a new kind of flower, the Day Lily. So, get your pencils, paper, and eraser ready!