How to Draw a Crocodile

Artist: finalprodigy / October 11, 2011

Step 1.

Start out by picking your pencils. I used a 3H pencil for light shading/texture, an HB for sketching/shading, and a B pencil for dark lines/shading.

Step 2.

You want to start with a basic sketch. Here I have highlighted the important forms. Notice how the body makes a crescent shape.

Step 3.

Get your sketch to look something like this. Erase any unneeded guidelines.

Step 4.

Now start adding more detail to your lines. You can use either an HB or B for this. I found it easier to start at the head and work my way to the tail.

Step 5.

Now define the front legs.

Step 6.

Now define the back legs and tail. Notice that I haven't necessarily added detail, I have just defined the lines a bit more. If you have been drawing lightly enough it will be easy to modify your lines later.

Step 7.

Use an HB pencil and a cloth or blending stump to roughly shade in the whole drawing. Try to let the texture of your paper show through, it'll give the drawing a more natural look.

Step 8.

Now start working from head to tail again. I start detailing by defining the border and then I move on to shading.I used a B pencil for the border/shadows.

Step 9.

Shade in the head. Use a B pencile for the dark lines, HB for dark texture, and 3H for light texture. Play around with your penciling to create interesting textures. Just make sure that you don't leave the croc's skin smooth.

Step 10.

Work on the outline of the front legs. Lightly sketch in guideline to help you with the bumps and scales.

Step 11.

Shade in the front legs.

Step 12.

Now start working on the midsection. Lightly sketch in some guidelines to help you with the scale pattern.

Step 13.

Shade in the midsection.

Step 14.

Now outline the hind legs and sketch in some guidelines to help you with the scales.

Step 15.

Shade in the hind legs.

Step 16.

Now outline the tale and sketch in some guidelines to help you with the scales. Alter your previous lines as much as you need to.

Step 17.

Finish up your drawing by shading in the tale and adding finishing touches. I hope you found this tutorial helpful. Let me know if you need any advice on it!

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Artist: finalprodigy
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Description: I really like crocodiles but not to the point of getting anywhere near one! There's just something really appealing about how they look so "ancient" and almost dinosaur-like. Here's a tutorial on how to draw one of my favorite animals, the crocodile. Get your drawing supplies ready!