How to Draw a Cartoon Komodo Dragon

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Start with some circles and shapes to form a frame for your cartoon animal. Draw a circle for the head and then add the facial guidelines. You will then draw a line for the neck and attach it to another shape that looks like an egg for the body. Draw   


Start step two by sketching out the shape and style of the cartoon komodo dragons head. As you see you will need to draw out the snout and mouth as well. When that is done draw in the lizard like tongue and then draw and color in the eye. Sketch out    


Next you will start working on the feet and or claws. Sketch out the toes which are nothing more than arched lines and then draw the shapes for the nails and or claws.


Continue to sketch out the shape and frame for the cartoon komodo dragon's body. Start with the neck and then sketch out the left arm and shoulder. You will finish off the limb shape and then draw the lining for the chest. Next add some definition an   


You are almost done with this lesson. All you need to do now is draw out the rest of the right limb shape and then draw the shape of the belly that is obviously lying on the ground. Next and lastly, sketch out the hind leg and clawed toes.


Here is your last drawing step and all you really have to do is draw out the lining and shape of the back of the neck, the back line, and then the shape of the tail. Erase all the guidelines and shapes that you drew in step one.


Look at what you have just done. You finished this tutorial on "how to draw a cartoon komodo dragon step by step". See how easy that was as well as amazing? Color it in and your completely done. Nice job and keep up the good work!

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August 26, 2009

Description: I have another cartoon animal I drew two days ago, and I am going to submit it now. The animal I will be showing you how to draw is a reptile and it is considered to be one of the closest creatures to the dinosaur and one of the largest known living lizards. What is this amazing animal that I will be giving a lesson on? It is of course the Komodo dragon. I have a tutorial on a regular Komodo dragon and you can check that one out as well. But I must warn you, the komodo of the past was drawn a long time ago so it may look more like a lizard if anything else. I love this creature and I always have. They are so incredibly cool which makes them amazing to me. I had an awesome time drawing it out and I will now give you the very same pleasure with this tutorial on “how to draw a cartoon komodo dragon", step by step. For a lizard animal this cartoon komodo is going to be very simple to draw out. All you have to do is follow the steps and instructions to make sure that you draw yourself one of the most incredible creatures in existence. The total drawing took me about two hours which includes the coloring. It took me an additional thirty five to forty minutes to make a tutorial out of this beast, but I still had fun. I always have fun drawing, but even more fun when I am drawing something I am fascinated with. Well I guess that is all I have to say since there is a bunch of informative information already on the other komodo dragon I drew like a year ago. So having said that, I will bust a move, and leave this lesson so you can get working on your own. Have fun guys with learning “how to draw a cartoon komodo dragon”. I will return soon. Peace out and happy drawing!

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