How to Draw an Iguana

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Learning how to draw an iguana is very easy. All you have to do is draw the shape for the head and then add the facial guide like so. End this step by making one long body and tail guide.


The next step to drawing an iguana is to get the head, snout, and jaw sketched out. The jawline to an iguana appears to droop, then lifts up.


You will now draw in the eye, nostril, and then sketch in some of the skin scales on the jaw or cheek, and then sketch in some grooves on the nose or forehead.


You will now work on getting the dewlap drawn in and when you do this be sure to sketch in the skin's detailing. Draw the shoulder and then the arm and foot. Iguana's have long toes with sharp nails so be sure to make the toe tips pointed.


Draw the lining to form the back of the iguana like so, and then draw the tail. Sketch in each spike that flows down the back of the head, all the way down the body and some of the tail.


Draw in the belly and then draw the back leg and foot,, and like with the front foot, make sure that the toe tips are pointed.


Well guys it's time to finish drawing the tail like so and some more if the iguana's body. Sketch in texture detailing and definition to the body and then finish drawing the spikes down the tail like so. Add the lines to form the nails and then begi   


Here is how your iguana looks when you are all done. Now all that is needed is some color and even a neat background. I hope you had fun with drawing an iguana step by step.

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June 2, 2009

Description: Reptiles are awesome animals and I have always loved all the different reptile species. One of my favorite is the iguana. I thought that doing a lesson on “how to draw an iguana step by step”, would help people draw one of the most popular reptiles owned as pets. The green iguana is a reptile that is cheap to buy when they are small; like around twenty to thirty bucks, and as they get bigger, they are sold for more ranging between one hundred fifty to three hundred fifty dollars. Their habitats are in a wide range streaming from places like Mexico, all the way to Southern Brazil as well as the Caribbean Islands. This basically means that iguanas are found throughout Central and South America living in lower altitude tropical rainforest areas that are close to water like rivers and streams, and they also only need minimal amounts of shade as well. Iguana’s also spend most of their day above ground in trees and can go as high as fifty feet. Did you know that the iguana is a cold blooded species? It’s true, iguanas are cold blooded as well as diurnal reptiles, which basically means they are active during the day. And because they are cold blooded animals, they do not produce heat. So in order to stay warm they have to lie on hot rocks, and sit in the warm sun to soak up the heat. When an iguana is full grown they get to be four to six feet long depending on sex. It has been recorded that they can also be as big as eight feet long and the measurement starts at the tail, all the way to the head. Usually the tail will make up almost half of their body size. Along with their green color, they also have long pointed fingers and or claws that enable them to climb up trees and grasp on limbs and such. The diet of a green iguana is basically greens, fruit and even eggs, insects, and other small reptilian animals. Now because people in the United States commonly buy iguanas as pets, they are starting to be threatened in their natural habitat. In places like South America green iguanas are hunted for food and they have labeled this reptile “bamboo chicken” which is basically because they taste like chicken. Well if you are one of those people out there that love iguanas and you even have one for a pet, you already know that caring for them is not easy. That is all I have for you on this subject, it is now time that you learn “how to draw an iguana" step by step. Have fun and make sure you take your time so that your drawing comes out the best you can draw. I shall return people so stay tuned.

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