How to Draw a Realistic Rhino, Realistic Rhinoceros


Start out y picking your materials. I used an HB pencil for sketching/shading, 2H for light shading, and B for lines and dark shading. This drawing is on watercolor paper. I also used a kneadable eraser and some blending stumps.


You want to start out with a clean light sketch. You can start by sketching these basic guidelines but just make sure that you do so lightly.


Next sketch your basic outlines over the previous step's guidelines.


You want your finished sketch to look something like this. Try to erase away as much of the guidelines as possible.


You should now start refining your outlines. I decided to work from right to left. I found the B pencil to e very effective here.


Refine the front legs and shoulder now. Do your best to make your lines as clean as possible.


Now refine the rest of the rhino's body. Don't worry too much about smudges here and there. Just make your lines firm and confident.


Now roughly shade over the entire drawing using an HB pencil and blend using a blending stump. Don't overdo it. You still need to be able to see your lines for the following steps.


Now start your details by strengthening the rhino's outline. I decided to work from right to left again here. The B pencil works best for this.


Now fill in your outlined area by shading. There are a lot of approaches that you could take for shading. I found it easiest to first shade in the area with an HB pencil then erase the highlights/textures. I used a B pencil for dark lines and smoothe   


Now strengthen the outline of the legs with a B pencil.


Use the same process that you used for the head to shade here. Rely on your eraser and blending stumps when trying to add texture.


Next, strengthen the outline of the midsection.


Next shade in the rhino's midsection. Try to develop your background as you move along. All I used was an HB pencil and a blending stump for mine.


Now strengthen the outline of the hind legs.


Finish up your drawing by shading in the rhino's hind legs. Go back over your drawing and add any details that you missed and fix any mistakes/smudges that you can find. I hope you found this tutorial helpful!

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October 5, 2011

Description: I absolutely love rhinos and had lots of fun with this tutorial. In case you are curious this is an Indian Rhinoceros. These guys tend to have a single horn instead of two. Get your materials ready for this one!

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