How to Draw a Gecko

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Okay, the animals body pose is in a sleek position. You will only need to draw a circle for the head, and then draw the wire frame lining for the body, and legs.


Next, begin sketching out the shape of the gecko's head and back of neck like you see here. You can easily do this by using the shapes you drew in step one. Notice the slight bump on the head? This is for the gecko's eye.


Draw the lower jaw and throat, and then begin sketching out the front arms, and round tipped toes like you see here. The left side of the back and or body also needs to be drawn in as well.


Continue to sketch out the body shape like you see here, and then draw the back legs, and feet the same way you drew the front feet and toes. Once that is done, proceed to the next drawing step. Oh yeah, add a dot for his eye ball too.


Lastly, you will finish drawing the back left foot, and then draw the long tail, and the rest of the animals body. When that is done draw a slightly curved line to detail the back or spine of the gecko. Erase the lines and shapes that you drew in ste   


You are done, but the fun doesn't stop here. You can now enjoy choosing some neat colors to shade in your gecko with to make this reptile complete. Great work guys!

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May 6, 2010

Description: Animals are always fun creatures to draw, and sometimes they can be a bit complicated to be drawn right. I have two tutorials on different animals today that I will be submitting starting with this lesson on “how to draw a gecko", step by step. As all you lizard lovers know, gecko's are small reptiles that are part of the lizard family. Like many reptilian creatures, geckos thrive in warm climate areas which means they can be found almost anywhere in the world. Currently, there are more than two thousand different types of gecko in existence, and as researchers discover more species, I'm sure that number will go up as years pass. Did you know that almost all gecko's have no eyelids? It's true, this small creature has no eyelids whatsoever. Instead, they have a transparent membrane that their tongues lick to keep clean. These animals come in various colors and patterns, and they can sometimes look like little rubber toys. One of the amazing things about the gecko is their feet and or toes. The toes of a gecko have these rectangular suction cups that allows them to basically 'stick' to anything. This is due to the fact that each square millimeter of the footpad has what you call setae. This just means that their feet have about fourteen thousand tiny hairs that allow them to stick to anything. Unlike the way we need to moisten a suction cup, the gecko's foot needs no lubrication. When you really think about it these reptiles are pretty fascinating. Did you know that the biggest recorded gecko to have ever lived was two feet in length? It's true, the Delcourt's gecko is a specimen from New Zealand but they are no longer in existence which is probably due to the fact that they where eliminated during the end of the nineteenth century. I tried to be a little different with the coloring I did for the gecko I drew. You can color in your animal to be a vibrant green, blue, or even pink. I have to bail out of here for now but I will return. Have fun when you "draw a gecko" using this easy to follow lesson. Peace peeps, and have a happy, drawing day!

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