Shark Anatomy Drawing

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As you can see here the shark has very little bones. The massive skull of the shark is probably one of the most examined parts of the sharks skeleton. The breakdown shows the teeth, skull, ribs, spine and fin bones.


Here is the internal organs of the shark. Just like other living creatures they have a heart, liver, kidneys, stomach, and rectum. They also have gills which are like lungs.


This is the muscle tissue breakdown of a great white shark. It is all cartilage for the nose or snout, as well as the fins. The muscle layers in a pattern that is actually very interesting.


Here are some simple drawings of shark teeth in various shapes and sizes. As you know sharks have teeth in layers in their mouths. This is to rip and shred through the layers of flesh on their prey.


What is the one factor that makes sharks so scary? Yes, their mouths! Sharks have got to have the most terrifying mouths in existence. For the Great White, the mouth is filled with razor sharp teeth in a series of shapes and sizes.

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December 26, 2014

Description: I have to say, the shark is a very interesting animal from the sea because there are so many different type of shark species. Today I will break down the anatomy of a shark, showing you the insides in a way that showcases their every inner layers. Sharks, are as you know fish despite their massive size and stature. They are said to have very little thought because of how they are bred to just swim, kill, eat and repeat. When sharks reproduce, some species of shark lay eggs, and some give live birth. Forty percent of sharks lay eggs, and sixty percent give live birth. Anyways, the shark in this drawing is of a Great White. I figured the best shark to turn into an anatomy drawing is that of a Great White. You will see this shark being broken down into layers starting with the skeletal frame, then internal organs, and finally the muscle mass. I hope you all enjoy this tut folks, thanks and stick around.

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