How to Draw a Cartoon Wolf Head


Start off with a circle like so, then add a facial guideline.


Using the head guide you will draw in the side profile of the wolf's head and face which also consists of the snout and mouth line.


Draw in the tip of the nose, then add some whisker holes.


Next, draw a large shaped eye like so, and to keep the expression cute, draw in some lashes.


Color in the pupil, then add a small dash for the brow. Not eyebrow, just the brow indent.


Now you can sketch out the entire head shape which also includes the neck. See how the coat of this wolf is fluffy?


Now add some layers of fluff or hair, then add detailing to the outer ear and draw the point of the ear hidden on the side of the first ear you drew.


This is the line art once you are done erasing the mistakes and guides. Color in the drawing when you are done.

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July 12, 2014

Description: Are you ready for another awesome lesson on a wolf? Well, today I will be showing you "how to draw a cartoon wolf head", step by step. The wolf will be drawn from a side profile view which means it will be that much easier to replicate as you follow this lesson. I know there are so many people who are members and visitors that love wolves and anything that has to do with them. This was a really fun concept to create so I hope you enjoy it as well. Adios folks and happy drawing.

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