How to Draw Chibi Scourge


Make the head guide which is a circle shape and then draw the body guide. You will sketch in the facial guidelines as well.


Using the head guide define the shape of chibi Scourge's head and face like so, then draw in the cone shaped ear.


You will fill in the gap by drawing some sprigs of hair on the forehead and then draw in the other ear.


Add detailing inside the ear and along the edges of the ears, then draw the top lids which are dark, thick and wide. Remember, this is a chibi version of Scourge.


Finish the eyes by drawing the eyeballs, then draw in the nose, meowing mouth, one cute tooth and then the whiskers and crinkles between the eyes.


Here we will begin drawing the body. Start with the back, then draw the butt, back leg, belly and front leg.


Add the marking on the paw to create the white tip, then draw in the toe lines for the front and back paw.


Draw in the rest of chibi Scourge's legs and the toe lines as well for the paws.


Lastly, draw in the long tail and then draw the studded collar. You can erase your mistakes and guides when you are all done so you have a clean image to color in.


Here is the line art folks. Now color in your chibi Scourge drawing before you show off your artwork.

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April 2, 2015

Description: I'm sure folks will recognize the cute kitty in front of you from Warrior Cats. For my next chibi Warrior I will show you how to draw chibi Scourge, step by step. This came out looking just like Scourge as he is described in the books. He is an all black tom cat with one white paw and a white tip on his tail. Scourge also wears a red studded collar lined with the teeth of cats and dogs. I think you will enjoy this chibi concept on another popular Warrior from the book series. I have to bounce out of here so I can upload the rest of my lessons. In the mean time have fun with this tut.

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