How to Draw a Cartoon Car

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Draw two big circle shapes, one for the front end of the cartoon car and one for the top and rear end of the car. You will then draw th cars guidelines for headlights and things like that.


You will use those face guidelines to draw a friendly face on your cartoon car. This can be done by drawing two circles and then add the lids and eyeballs. Color in the pupils and then draw out the nice big smile.


Sketch out and color in the eyebrows and then start drawing the front fender shapes of the cartoon car. You will then draw and define the hood and then draw the inner lines for the windshield.


Draw the front bumper and then draw the hidden tire. You will draw the wheel well and then draw the directional light as you see under the headlights or eyes of the cartoon car.


You will basically finish off the structure of the cartoon car and then draw out the rest of the wheels. Once that is done all you have to do is add some detailing and a bit of definition.


This is your last drawing step. All you need to do is draw the rims on the cartoon tires and then the drivers side window. Draw the door handle and the lock hole as well. You can then erase all the guidelines and steps that you drew in step one.


Here is what your cartoon automobile should come out looking like when you are done. Color it in any shade you want and then you have just finished this tutorial on "how to draw a cartoon car" step by step.

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July 16, 2009

Description: "How to draw cartoon cars" or "how to draw a cartoon car", either way you say it, think it or do it, the picture will still come out the same. This tutorial is going to show you how to do just that. I have really been having such a good time drawing all these different cartoon characters, objects, and places, I think I will continue to do so for a while. Drawing cartoon cars can either be incredibly easy, or incredibly hard. Even though the word “cartoon” is in front of a tutorial name, that doesn’t mean it’s going to be easy to draw. I have been wanting to do a cartoon car for a long time already and I can’t believe I finally did it. The design of the car looks a little like the Volkswagen we know as Herbie the love bug. I love that movie and I figured that if there is a car I should draw, it should resemble Herbie. The picture came out looking professional and clean, and that is exactly what I was going for. I know there are a lot of children that visit DragoArt and I also know that there is not a lot of general cartoon animals, characters, or objects submitted here. I am fixing to change all that so that everyone will be able to enjoy all the tutorials that we have to offer. Don’t worry guys I will still draw and upload the unusual, after all I myself am unusual. Well gotta go gang but I will return. Have fun with this lesson on “how to draw a cartoon car step by step”. Peace out and see you guys again in a bit.

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