How to Draw a Camaro

Artist: Dawn / February 3, 2017

Step 1.

As you can see when you start this first step for How to draw a Chevy Camaro car, you will simply draw a large rectangle box and then add the guidelines; one vertical and two horizontal.

Step 2.

Next ll you have to do is draw out the shape of the front windshield as seen here and give a hint of the wipers.

Step 3.

You will start using the guidelines to draw out the Camaro's front hood, roof, passenger window frame and then the short rear end. As you can see the Chevy Camaro has a hemi and you have to draw the lining for that as well.

Step 4.

You have made it to step four and as you can see what you will be doing next is sketching out the passenger side door frame, side mirror, door handle, and lower body frame for the Camaro. Once that done you will thicken the side door window lining an   

Step 5.

Next start sketching out the front "V" shaped grill and then the shapes for the headlights. Draw out the Chevy emblem and then draw the lining for the side wheel wells as seen here. You will then draw the rear end of the Chevy Camaro as seen here and   

Step 6.

Wow, look how far you have come with this tutorial on "how to draw a Chevy Camaro car". What you will be doing next is drawing out the twenty inch wheels and the rest of the car frame you see here off on the left hand side. Add depth to the tires and   

Step 7.

Well you have come to your last drawing step and as you can see what you will be doing is very simple but time consuming. You will now start slowly sketching out the aluminum rime on the Chevy Camaro as seen here. Make sure you draw out the lining fo   

Step 8.

Here you have the finished drawing of a 2010 Chevy Camaro SS. By the way if you didn't know SS stands for "Super Sport". Well pick your shade that you want to color you car in and you have just finished learning "how to draw a Chevy Camaro car" step    

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Artist: Dawn
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Description: Now that I have done my fill on the Marvel comic book villain Carnage, I will fill another request made by a member. This particular person wanted a tutorial on “how to draw a Camaro", step by step. The Camaro that I drew is a 2010 model that is now available for purchase. The Chevy Camaro has been rockin the sports car industry for decades. I myself remember when my mother owned a Camaro Z28 when I was five or so. And let me tell you, it was freakin fast as all hell. The new Camaro is fully equipped with a 6.2L engine that kicks out 426 horse power with a standard six-speed manual transmission engine. One of the nice things about the Chevy Camaro SS is that it comes with twenty inch silver painted aluminum rims. This particular model comes with a rear spoiler, four piston Brembo brakes, a Boston Acoustics sound system, leather seats, and it also comes with an automatic transmission if that is what you prefer. Me personally, I would want to drive a stick shift because they give a much better ride and they are more gas friendly. There is also a series of colors that the Chevy Camaro comes in with your choice of course. Those colors are; aqua blue metallic, inferno orange metallic, cyber grey metallic, black, white, imperial blue, rally yellow, silver ice metallic, red jewel tintcoat, and victory red. Now if you are the type of guy or girl that wants a bigger wheel rim, then you’re in luck. The 2010 Chevy Camaro can also come with a dealer installed twenty one inch aluminum rim with black colored accents. Pretty neat huh? The car also gets twenty five miles per highway gallons and it also comes with a V-shaped grill and a factory installed hemi to support the big sized engine. I know what you must be thinking, “a super charged car with so many extras must go for a fortune” right? Wrong, believe it or not the 2010 Chevy Camaro goes for only twenty three thousand forty dollars. The car kind of reminds me of a Mustang crossed with a Vett, you know the newer models. Did you know the very first Camaro was released and went on sale on September 29, 1966? It’s true, the Camaro made its debut in 1966 to compete against the Ford Mustang of the same year. Yes it is true that the Camaro is a pony car which means it was created from the inspiration of the Ford Mustang. Pony models were compact, highly styled, and priced to sell with a sporty flare. If you think about it, the Mustang is essentially responsible for a lot of the sport cars designs. Anyway this was a really fun lesson for me to draw because it was so challenging. I still have three more lessons to write out and submit but while you wait for those to be uploaded you should try out this tutorial on “how to draw a Chevy Camaro car step by step”. Until next time everyone, peace out!