How to Draw Cartoon Faces

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Since you are drawing a total of six cartoon faces you will need to draw six circle shapes. After the shapes are drawn you can then add the facial guidelines for them all.


You will now start drawing out the shapes of the cartoon faces as you see here. Once that is done you can go ahead and draw out the beginning lining for the eyes on both the male and female cartoon face. The girl eyes have thick lashes so remember to   


Now you will finish drawing out the cartoon eyes and then the cartoon mouths. Learning how to draw a cartoon face should be easy not hard. When you are done color in the pupils and move to the next step.


Now you will start sketching out the cartoon hair styles as you see here. Once that is done you can draw and shade in the eyebrows and then the ears. Draw the cartoon noses and then you can move to the last drawing step.


All you have to do here is finish sketching out the shapes of the heads and the hairstyles. Once that is done you can go ahead and start erasing all the guidelines and shapes that you drew in step one.


Here is what your cartoon faces should look like when you are done. Choose some different shades and then color your cartoon boy and cartoon girl face in. I hope you had fun with this tutorial on "how to draw cartoon faces" step by step.

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July 16, 2009

Description: More cartoon lessons on the way and I know these will be very helpful to you all. I wanted to do a tutorial that could help people learn "how to draw cartoon faces". Cartoon faces an be very hard to draw when an individual has no idea how or where to start. I made two faces for you all to learn from, a cartoon boys face, and a cartoon girls face. These faces should get you on the right track to drawing some really cool looking cartoon characters. You can even use the faces on some of your favorite figures as well like a figure skater, a ballerina, a prince or princess, or a regular kid hanging out with their friends. I really do like the way the faces came out, and I made sure that I laid out the tutorial steps easy enough for anyone to follow. I think you guys will find that learning “how to draw cartoon faces” is easy like it should be. If you done want to learn how to draw all the faces, you can just pick one of them, and then you will be on your way to teaching yourself "how to draw a cartoon face" instead. Anyways, I have to depart again but like always I will return. Have fun all you creative people out there. Peace out folks!

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