How to Draw a Corvette

How to Draw a Corvette
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Start with a retangle box and start laying out your guidelines for the corvette. This should be very easy for you to complete. I know this isn't a very hard step so it should be a breeze. After you've finished the rest it's time to move onto step 2.


Now this is when the fun will get a bit difficult and challenging. When you start drawing the corvette make sure you use the guidelines. Trust me, the guidelines will help you ALOT. Start sketching out the bumper, wheels, lights, and top of the hood.   


Ok now we have reached the very easy part of the tutorial! I made this car very easy and simple so drawing it will be a breeze. Start drawing the rims and then the windows and hood. After that end this step by finishing off the lights of the hood. A   


Now this is where the hard work will definitely pay off! We will now draw the inside of the rims and the hood. Finish off the windshield and tires. After you've finished all of these little parts of the tutorial, began by checking your work in the li   


Now peeps this is what your line art should look like! I really love how simple and easy it came out! It took me less time than usual to finish off this car! I think the best car I've did was the Shelby Mustang! I seriously adore the way I colored it   

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April 4, 2009

Cars are so cool and I just love drawing them (sometimes). For my next tutorial I will be showing you "<strong>how to draw a corvette</strong>", step by step. The corvette is a sports car that has been twinkling in the eyes of thousands of people since the very first model of a corvette hit dealership parking lots back in 1953. The body style of the Chevrolet Corvette always stayed the same over the years. I mean if you think about it the only thing that changes is the shape of the car to keep up to date with the changing years. Corvettes come in either a two door coupe or a two door convertible frame style. The infamous arched front fenders that we have associated this sports cars name with were only made in the late sixties to early eighties. I have drawn a 1979 corvette because I wanted the picture of the car to match the mental image we have of the Corvette. Believe it or not, the vett, used to have chrome bumpers and deep headlight wells that is commonly seen on some old muscle cars. I guess back then that was the basic style for any new sports car creation. I myself think that the older models are the best looking. When the production and introduction of the General Motors or GM vehicle was put in the market, it was the only sports car in America that was built with only two seats. It would take decades before another sports car was manufactured to challenge the uniqueness of the Corvette. Did you know that the design of the corvette was created by a gentleman named Harley Earl? It’s true, Harley Earl was a guy that loved sports cars and because of that GM hired Earl to design Americas first two seat sports car to compete with the Nash-Healy which was an expensive British made vehicle that was sold to Americans back in the fifties. An interesting fact about the Nash-Healy is that it was the first sports car made since the Great Depression. The corvette was the car made from fiberglass and the car lacked expectations in the first productions of the model. It lacked so much that the Corvette had no way of standing out alongside the British and Italian sports cars of the day. This sports car was on its way to becoming a footnote in automotive history. The immediate decision to redesign and reproduce the corvette was made when a man named Zora Arkus-Duntov joined the engineering department of GM’s facility. He changed the cars design so much; he was labeled the “Father of the Corvette”. The new and improved Vett now had a V-8 engine with phenomenal performance that stood up against the other two seated sports cars manufactured in Italy and in Britain. This tutorial will show you how to draw a Corvette car step by step. When you are done you can color your car any shade you like to match the mental image of your dream vehicle. I shall return again my friends with more drawing fun.

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