How to Draw a Cancer Ribbon, Breast Cancer Ribbon

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Start by making a seed like shape for the top part of the ribbon.


To make the right side of the ribbon, draw one long swoosh line for the side, and another smaller sized line to complete the first side of the ribbon's form.


Draw in the left side of the ribbon like so, and to create that loop at the top, just draw in a simple curved line. There is no guides which means you are ready to just erase mistakes, and darken the final lining.


Here is the ribbon when you are all done. Color it in pink, and you have just created the symbol for Breast Cancer Awareness.

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October 15, 2011

Description: Yesterday I was supposed to submit a tutorial on an object that is recognized as being a symbol for Breast Cancer awareness also known as 'The Cure'. Today, I will do what I was supposed to do yesterday and show you all "how to draw a Cancer ribbon", step by step. I’m calling it a ‘cancer ribbon’, but we all know it as a symbol for women who have suffered from this lethal disease, or who are aware of breast cancer and its effects. The pink ribbon started being used back in 1991 by the Susan G. Komen Foundation passed out pink colored ribbons to people who attended and participated in a race to honor breast cancer survivors. In 1992, it was made official that the pink ribbon would serve as the symbol for the National Breast Cancer Awareness Foundation. The color pink was chosen because it signifies a women; it also stands for fear of breast cancer, for people who support breast cancer out in the open, and for hope of a happy future. Every time you pick up and buy something that is pink and displays the ink ribbon, usually means that a portion of the purchase price will be donated to the Breast Cancer Awareness Foundation. There is also a month every year that is dedicated to Breast Cancer Awareness, and there are even rallies, walks, and gatherings to help support the cause. I had fun with this lesson, and I hope that you will too. This is a great tutorial to tackle if you know someone who has, is dealing with, beat, or died from breast cancer.

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