How to Draw a Ribbon

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Draw a circle with two stems coming from the bottom.


Next, thicken the lining and then add the double lines that go around the entire ribbon. This is for the pleats.


Now all you have to do is draw the ribbon tails, and then begin erasing your lines and shapes.


That's it, you are all done. Before you color in your new drawing, write a nice inscription and give this drawing on ribbon to someone you know.

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June 16, 2010

Description: Before I upload that lesson I was talking about yesterday, I want to put up this simple tutorial that will show you "how to draw a ribbon", step by step. Ribbons are universal objects that can be used for many different things. People use ribbons to give away as an award, and people even put numbers or graphics on ribbons to distinguish the place a person is in if there is some kind of contest that one is competing in. For example, a person that wins at something will either win 1st place, 2nd place, or 3rd place. The ribbon that I drew is very basic, and it should look familiar to almost everyone here on the site. This drawing can be used for all sorts of stuff like inscribing “#1 Dad”, or “Best Mom”, or even “Congratulations”. I know that this is the time of year that many people are graduating from regular schools and collages, so if you know someone that is graduating, or is number one on your list, try using this lesson that will teach you "how to draw a ribbon", step by step. You can color in the finished drawing blue, yellow, red, green, or gold. When you are done, you can write a nice inscription on the circular part, to finish off the sketch. I will be back with that last lesson that I was supposed to upload yesterday but didn't due to being unsure if such a tutorial should be uploaded at all. I will tell you this, it's definitely PG-13 material. Peace out people, and have an awesome drawing day!

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