How to Draw a Cactoid, Final Fantasy

Artist: KingTutorial / May 21, 2014

Step 1.

Let's begin by laying down the basic shape of the body. It's like a jellybean shape with two lumps at the bottom.

Step 2.

Next we want to add a curve for the eye line and mouth. After that, use long curves to draw the arms. They're narrow where they connect to the body.

Step 3.

Draw a V for each foot. Add 5 spikes on top of the head for leave of a flower. Draw a circle for one eye, and a semicircle for the other since it's at an angle. Then draw some lines curving from top to bottom along with the shape of the body and arms   

Step 4.

Draw some simple V shapes to add rows of spikes running down each section of the body and the outer arms.

Step 5.

Lighten your drawing and we'll move on to some nicer line art. Start at the top of the head and an upside-down U for the center shape. Then draw curves out and down from the sides. This should resemble the pinched end of a hotdog, or something like t   

Step 6.

Draw thick circles for each eye and add some little dashes to give him a creepy look. Add a little curve above and below the eyes to match up with the curves from Step 5.

Step 7.

Next draw a series of long curves running down each section of the body, meeting together at the bottom center.

Step 8.

Now we'll redraw the cactus needles a bit sharper than in the guide drawing. We can also add the mouth as a curved rectangular shape.

Step 9.

Add a curve to each needle to complete the shape.

Step 10.

Use long curves to outline the arms and add a curve running down the middle. Why do these remind me of churros???

Step 11.

Outline the spikes running down each arm. The little curve dashes under each needle help to make them appear attached to the body. Let's also draw two leaves of the flower atop his head. We'll make them a bit smaller than our guide drawing.

Step 12.

Add the remaining leaves on the head, and then outline the feet. The next step is the trickiest. You want to ink the curve behind the spike needles. This is harder to do on paper if you're inking it. With pencil, I suggest drawing through all the nee   

Step 13.

With the basic drawing finished, we can go back in and add some scratches and bumps to the body... and some reflection shadows to the spikey needles.

Step 14.

And with that, we have our very own Flowering Cactoid! How delicious! It's good to draw something simple and cartoony now and then. I hope you all enjoyed. Thanks for viewing!

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