How to Draw a Gray Alien, The Grays


Let's start by laying down a guide drawing for the basic shapes. Begin with a large curve for the top and back of the head / cranium.


Next we'll draw a thin curve for the center line of the face. After that we'll add the cheekbone, chin and jaw shapes.


Draw an almond shape for each eye. Then we'll add simple curves for the neck and mark the mouth.


Lighten the guide drawing and outline the eyes with finer lines and details. Add a wrinkle at each corner of the eyes, and a curve for the upper and lower eyelids. The eye on the left can go beyond the guide drawing a bit as it bulges out of the eye    


Using smooth, thin curves we can start to build the shape of the eyebrow and forehead on the left. Another flap of skin hangs below the eye. On the main eye, we can add some extra wrinkles to the curve below the eye. Above, we'll draw high curves for   


Use wavy S-curves for the shape of the cheekbones and the sunken cheeks below. Another S-curve defines the ridge above the eyebrow and shapes the side of the head. We'll add a little point to the top/back of the head as we complete the forehead outli   


Starting below the cheek on the left, use a long curve that bumps outward around the mouth area. The curve cuts back in below the lips and then outward for the chin. The chin line curves into the face and points toward the S of the cheek line. Use sm   


The curve on the back of the head bulges at the bottom where the inner ear would be, and then curve in toward the jaw. The curves and wrinkles of the front of the neck form a sort of V shape. The neck and shoulder area are drawn with an S-curve.


Draw a smooth M shape for the mouth, and add small curves for the lip below. Two tiny slits mark the nostrils. Continue the curve of the cheek into a jowl that curves around the corner of the lips. A large wavy curve behind the eyebrow ridge creates    


Within each eye, draw loose circular and teardrop shapes for reflections.


Now fill in the rest of the surrounding area with black.


Clean it up and erase your guide lines, and we have a completed Grey alien head. We don't really see many of these in the movies, but in UFO sightings and lore, the Grays are the most famous type of extra terrestrial. I hope you enjoyed this drawing.   

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May 21, 2014

Description: For this tutorial we'll be drawing a simple head shot of the mysterious Gray alien.

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