How to Draw Sephiroth Easy

Artist: Dawn / February 1, 2017

Step 1.

Make a head guide shape then sketch in the facial guidelines.

Step 2.

Next, use the face guide to draw in the chin shape which should be pointed.

Step 3.

Here you will draw in the sharp points for the bangs or parted hair strands, then make sure that the ends are pointed as well.

Step 4.

You will now draw the eyebrows, nose and mouth, then add nostril holes.

Step 5.

Here you will draw in Sephiroth's eye shapes which should be nice and dark lined, then add the lashes.

Step 6.

You will now draw the eyeballs to fill his sockets and then move to step seven.

Step 7.

Add strand lines that start at the base of the scalp then move to step eight.

Step 8.

Finish drawing Sephiroth by sketching out the rest of his hairstyle. This should be also detailed as a wavy pose. Erase the mistakes and you are done.

Step 9.

Here is the finished drawing when you are done. Now you can color in Sephiroth to your liking.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: February 1, 2017
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Description: I can not tell you how hooked I was to Final Fantasy when I was in my early teens. All I would do is sit there and watch advent Children at least three times a day. There wasn't one scene that I couldn't remember or one character for that matter. Today I will be going back to those days and show you "how to draw Sephiroth", step by step. He was one of the coolest villains I have ever laid eyes on at the time. His evilness and pure will for power was amazing. I even felt bad when he was destroyed in the movie. Anyways, this is a really simple task to attack and accomplish so go ahead and have fun drawing Sephiroth easy. I will be back with Cloud in the same style so stick around.