How to Draw a Butterfly Tattoo, Monarch Butterfly

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You will start by drawing a small circle for the tip of the butterfly's head, then draw the outlined shape of the butterfly's wing.


Using the shape of the wing you just made, start sketching out the actual wing structure. Draw in the butterfly's eyeballs which are bulging, then make sure that the end of the wing is serrated.


Here is where you will begin drawing the barbed wire. Start at the top, and be sure that the lining is twisted and parted. There are two strands to the wire, and there are barb knots with pointed sharp tips.


Here you will begin drawing in the monarch butterfly's markings or wing pattern. Start slow because you will have to draw the markings while the wing is wrapped or caught in the wire.


Lastly, draw the end piece of the butterfly's wing tip like so. When that is done you will then draw more of the markings on the wing. Erase the mistakes then you're done.


Here is the finished work when you are all done. Now you can color in your butterfly.

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March 3, 2013

Description: I can not tell you guys how much I absolutely love this drawing and lesson on "how to draw a butterfly tattoo", step by step. The way that this monarch butterfly is trapped in barbed wire tells a story of beauty being captured by the hands of evil. I wanted to do something that was different but inspiring so I went racked my brain and came up with this concept. I would be surprised if this tutorial didn't make it to the Top 50 because to me it's absolutely amazing. Have fun drawing a butterfly tattoo people, I hope you like it.

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