How to Draw a Back Tattoo


Start with the middle section of the butterfly. This is a skinny oblong shape.


You will now draw the antenna, then move to step three.


Up next, draw the butterfly wings, and as you can see the wings are jagged lines.


Begin drawing the design pattern on the wings like so. You can choose to go with one of your own designs if you wish.


Now you can add more detailing to the wings by completing the wing design. Again, you can go with what you like.


We will start with the tribal lines now. You will notice that the tribal line will almost mimic the shape of the butterfly wings.


Lastly, add the rest of the swift lines to create a tribal pattern for your butterfly back tattoo.


That's it, you are done with this lesson on a back tattoo. Color it in and be on your way, or bring this line art image to your favorite tattoo artist/parlor.

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February 27, 2014

Description: Hey guys, Dawn here with another tattoo tutorial but this time it is going to be on "how to draw a back tattoo". As you know some of the more popular girl tattoos are the ones on the lower part of the back just above the waist line. In this case I will be giving you a design on a tribal style butterfly that is pink in color, but you can color it in any shade you like. There is some tribal lines on the sides of the butterfly which are very simple crisscross lines. Now, of course everyone has their own favorite back tattoo designs, this is just something that I like and would get if I was to get a tattoo on my back (but I never will). Anyways, I hope you like drawing a back tattoo. I will return with other drawing fun so stay tuned in.

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