How to Draw a Bleeding Hand


A basic outline of the way i start a hand.


Fill in the spaces, it may not come out exactly the same but, no two artists draw exactly the same anyway.


Just a rerun of what was just drawn, to make sure it looks okay and to see what its supposed to look like.


Add the blood or not, it is optional the hand alone could be a tutorial in itself.


Take away the uneeded lines.


Color it in if you would like it; makes it easier to distinguish between what is what. amd sorry it doesn't look better i found out it is very hard to do all this on a computer.

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March 4, 2012

Description: My first tutorial, and it isn't very good but i tried. It is just a random hand, not very hard to do. Its kinda hard to do on the computer but not by hand lol well hope its good enough. Have fun?

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