How to Draw a Gun Tattoo

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Let's start with the hand/gun on the left. You will begin by drawing the small hammer, then draw a straight line until you need to sketch out the actual arch of the gun which is also the thumb.


Up next, you will draw the hand to the right which is the the fingers with the one finger on a trigger.


Work on getting the barrel drawn out, then sketch out the hole for where the finger goes or where the trigger is to a handgun.


Next, draw the other part of the hand/wrist/ barrel for the second gun to the right. You will also draw the hole for the trigger along with the tip of a finger.


Finish off the drawing by adding four fingers and detail them with nails. When you are done you can erase the mistakes you might have made.


That's it, you are done. The line art should look like this when finished and cleaned up.

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March 21, 2014

Description: Since a lot of people are getting a kick of the illusion art I have been uploading, here is another awesome lesson that is on "how to draw a gun tattoo", step by step. As you can see the illusion is the handshake because they are also handguns. The phrase "Trust no one" is just something I threw in to go with what the hand/gun concept is about. I should have just let you guys pick your own phrase, and you still can. Anyways, drawing a gun tattoo in the form of an awesome illusion should be easy enough for anyone to try and tackle because there isn't too much detail involved. I absolutely love the way this drawing came out, and I hope you guys do too. Like always my tutorial submission day isn't over until I say good-bye. So stick around to see what else I have up my drawing sleeve.

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