How to Draw a Bear Spirit

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Begin with a circle for the head, then draw the lining to form the thick neck.


You will now draw the spirit bear's face profile which starts out as the forehead, snout, and jawline. Be sure to add the bump for the brow.


Add definition to the bear's snout like so, then sketch in some indents to form the loose skin on the sides of the face, then draw in the eye. Next, add the nose and then a mouth line.


You will finish drawing the actual spirit bear by adding the ears, back part of the neck, and front part of the neck like so. Add definition to the face and a bit more detailing.


Before adding your layers of shading you will need to erase the mistakes and guidelines. Once that is complete, start shading in the bear to turn it into a spirit.


That's all she wrote. Now if you want you can add some color to your bear and be done with it all.

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November 30, 2014

Description: Hey look, it's Kenai from Brother Bear! No I'm just joking, but if you would like to turn this drawing into Kenai go right ahead because the inspiration to making a lesson on "how to draw a bear spirit" came from Brother Bear. I love how this bear turned out. It's so beautiful and has a strong sense of peacefulness. Bears are known to be very aggressive especially if they are with their cubs. Where I live there is an abundance of Black Bear, but I have never seen one because they are so elusive and like to stay out of human site. Drawing a bear spirit really touches the inner soul. When I made the other animal spirit drawings on the wolf and eagle, I was thinking about the Native American culture and how in touch they are with nature and all its animals. I do hope you like this lesson as much as I did making it. I will return later today with more drawing fun for you all so come back around.

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