How to Draw a Bear Face, Grizzly Bear


Begin by making a circle for the head and face like you see here, but then sketch out the facial guidelines.


Slowly start drawing out the muzzle of the grizzly bear at the top part of the shape you made in step one. Since the mouth is roaring you will need to draw a gap to show that the mouth is open. When a grizzly or other bear is in full rage, their bott   


Here is a helpful tip step on drawing and creating the doll style eyes of the bear. Once the solid state is colored in, start softly erasing at the top and bottom part of the eye like you see displayed in the step.


Here you will sketch in the crinkles on the snout, then using the tip from the previous step, draw in the eye, color it in, then sketch in the definition around the eye. Draw the ear as well as add the proper detailing, then begin drawing the gum lin   


Draw in the teeth but don't forget the fangs. Draw the inside detailing of the mouth which includes the tongue. Add some fluff detailing along the chin and cheek like you see here.


Finish sketching out the rest of the shape of the bears head and face by drawing the top part of the head, the back part of the neck, and more of his neck under the jawline. Make sure that the lining is done in a manner to show the length of the coat   


Lastly, draw in the layers of blubber in the form of hair to add detailing and definition to the massive animal. Erase your mistakes before you leave.


Here is the finished drawing when you are all done. Look how mean your grizzly looks!

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July 27, 2012

Description: How scary is the face you see before you now? Would you want to be confronted with such an aggressive, mean, and nightmarish animal? I know I wouldn't, but bears are still very beautiful animals even when they are enraged like you see here. There are many types of bears in the world but the Grizzly bear is probably one of the ones that has the worst reputation. This is because there are more human deaths reported with Grizzly bears then any other bear in the wild. I thought it would be nice to make a tutorial on "how to draw a bear face", step by step, but switch things up a bit and do a face that is raging or is trying to ward off another predator. These bears are so massive in size, and they are always on the move looking for their next meal. I really enjoyed drawing this bear face because I have a respect for the Grizzly just like any other wild animal out there that can take your face off with just one swift blow with it's paw. It's weird how Native Americans found these animals sacred as well. But then again, all animals to them had a purpose on life because they all belonged o mother earth. Well, that's it, have fun drawing your Grizzly face. Make sure you upload your finished artwork when you're done so I can check it out. Adios people!

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