How to Draw Bears

Artist: Dawn / October 25, 2010

Step 1.

When drawing bears, it's best to get yourself familiarized the basic anatomy. Here, I break down the skeleton of a bear so you know why they look the way they are. I used a reference to draw the skeleton accurately. Alright, 1. is the base of the sku   

Step 2.

I've had a lot of people ask me to draw a bear in a standing stance. 1. Since bears are generally always walking on four legs; once they stand up, they have a protruding chest. Lots of fur covers this area and it almost makes the bear look like a men   

Step 3.

Think of the standing stance as a stick figure with very curved lines. They have broad shoulders in this stance. The arms are much larger than the lower part of their body. The hands aren't perfectly straight but normally curved.

Step 4.

Now let's take a look for a bear on all fours. 1. A bear normally has a large 'hump' at the shoulders. This is puffed up with lots of fur. 2. When looking at forelegs from the frontal region, you'll see a bit of an attachment. This area is mostly fur   

Step 5.

The paw of a bear is something very important to study. They have five fingers, aligning side by side. The large paw mat below the smaller mats, take a large portion of the paw. The pads are usually defined with textures and ware due to the usage of    

Step 6.

This is just a sketch of all the many different poses and position styles that the bear is usually seen in. Have a look see and choose which one you will want to draw.

Step 7.

Let's get started. Start by drawing a few shapes, one for the head, and another for the back end of the bears bottom. Once that is done you can go ahead and draw out the connecting lines that will make up the body shape. Add the limb lines as well.

Step 8.

You will now begin sketching out the outline of the bear's body starting with the head first. The first thing you want to do is sketch out the nose, forehead, ears, and then the hairy looking cheek area. Once that is done, you can begin sketching out   

Step 9.

Draw in the nose tip, and then color in the bears small beady eye. Add some definition to the inside of the ears, and then begin sketching out the large legs, and paws as shown to you here. Make sure you sketch in all that loose hair on the back of t   

Step 10.

Now sketch in the claws and then draw in the rest of the ear definition until you have a nice textured filling in the bear's ear. Once that is done, detail the body by drawing the shoulder and thigh lines, and then lastly, add that definition to the    

Step 11.

Here is how the bear looks when you are all done. Now all you need to do is color in the bear to the certain species you like. I don't know about you, but I had a lot of fun drawing bears with you all.

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Artist: Dawn
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Description: Wow, it has been getting really cold these past few days. So cold in fact, it’s almost impossible to sit with just a shirt on in my house. I literally have to wear a sweater or two no matter what I do around the house. It sort of reminds me of being a bear that is about to go into hibernation. Bears are a fantastic species, and to celebrate there awesomeness, I wanted to submit this tutorial that is going to teach you "how to draw bears", step by step. This isn’t just any tutorial; I’ve included some really helpful tips, and diagrams that lay out the structure, body, and genetic makeup of the almighty forest king, the bear. How many different types of bears are there? Well, let’s think about that for a minute. I know there are black bears; grizzly bears, panda bears, and of course polar bears. But I think I’m missing a few bear species for some reason. Oh wait a minute, I am. There is actually eight different types of bears in existence around the world. The bears I haven’t named are as follows; there is also the Asiatic black bear, the sloth bear, a species called a spectacled bear, and a sun bear. If you Google some of these odd bear names, you will come across some pretty amazingly weird looking bears that I know I have never seen before. Anyways, I think you will like this tutorial because it has everything to do with "how to draw bears". I will be back soon with more fun stuff to draw. Adios people, and have a pleasant drawing day!