How to Draw an Oilfield, Oilfield


Start by drawing the head or hammer part of the pumping unit like so.


Next, you will draw out the neck like shape which is an oblong rectangular piece. This will attach to the arms that move the pump up and down or in and out.


Draw in the stand or legs which are slender and long. This is a steel frame construction to let you guys know.


Next, begin the drawing process to drawing the large rounded parts which will aid in the arms to pump out the oil from the ground. These units are usually attached to concrete platforms.


Lastly, draw in the rest of the machinery, then detail it to specifics like you see here. You can erase the mistakes so you have a clean image to color in.


Here is how your pumping unit looks when you are all done. Color it in the way you want, or stay tuned to this tutorial for helpful tips on how you can color in a sunset background.


Start by filling the background with the color pallet you see to the left.


Next color the background using darker shades to create the mountains and or landscape image.


Form the sun, then add some highlighting as well as some wispy clouds that are streaking through the evening sky.


Add some more soft clouds, and a hazy glow like so. Add more definition to the landscape if you want.


Here is what the drawing looks like when finished. You can now show off your work.

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July 25, 2012

Description: Hey folks I thought it would be fun to make another odd lesson that has something to do with oil once again. Here is "how to draw an oilfield", step by step. Oilfields are where big machines called 'oilfield pumping units'. These machines dig deep into the earth to form a hole which is then used to pump out oil from the ground. Oil is one of Americas leading fueling agent as well as a main ingredient to make all kinds of stuff like tires, asphalt, plastic bottles and bins, so on and so forth. The pumping unit that you will be drawing is set in a setting where the sun is going down. It's a really nice landscape lesson that will definitely come in handy to create an art project for school, or a nice cover hand drawn photo for an economics class report. Even though this was definitely an odd lesson to create, I still had fun drawing an oilfield scenery. Well I guess I better let you guys get busy. I still have more drawing fun coming your way. Peace out and enjoy!

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