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How to draw a basic dragon

Artist: SugarC / December 31, 2015
How to draw a basic dragon

Step 1.

First, draw the outlines, these will help you with the basic shapes of the head and body. A small circle for the head, a large circle for the chest, and a medium circle for the torso, and a smaller circle for the snout. The wing outlines should be    

Step 2.

Next, draw the dragons head. The snout should be curved at the bottom of the jawline. And the horns point outward.

Step 3.

Draw the neck now, make sure that the neck is curvy and looks like it is connecting to the head, we don't want it to look like someone put a lizard head on a stick. The neck will continue until about the seven o clock point at the bottom and around    

Step 4.

Now, draw the basic shapes of the front left leg. They should be like distorted diamonds.

Step 5.

To draw the leg, make sure it is curvy and has no sharp edges. Nothing that is in native will have sharp edges!

Step 6.

We will now begin on the wing. The wings bones are very much like a bats wing, if you need help, search a bat wing.

Step 7.

Now, connect the wing bones with a line. This line MUST NOT BE STRAIGHT. The wings are not fully extended. At the base of the wing, begin drawing the back of the dragon, make sure the wings leathery part goes past the back.

Step 8.

We shal now begin on the left back leg. Draw two extended diamond shapes. They aren't very large because the muscle is not flexing.

Step 9.

Now do the same as you did for the front leg. Remember, no sharp edges!

Step 10.

Now connect the chest and make a belly. The belly should curve inward.

Step 11.

Let's go to the end of the torso and begin on the tail. The tail should curve down and then up and off the page.

Step 12.

A dragon has four legs, so let's start with the third one. It is almost the same as the first leg, but a bit exteneded to the front where the dragon is looking.

Step 13.

Fill in the leg.

Step 14.

Now let's begin with the back leg. This one is a bit different. Draw a half almond shape for the dragons thigh. Now draw an almond shape below that. And a half finished triangle below that. The dragons leg is flexed a bit more than that of the o   

Step 15.

Now fill it in.

Step 16.

Bear with me here, I am not too well at feet. Copy the image that is with this text.

Step 17.

Copy the front feet.

Step 18.

Let's begin with the spine. Start at the top of the head and work your way down.

Step 19.

At the end of the tail, you will see that I have made the spines more curved, you may not do this if you want to. Also add the tails weapon tip.

Step 20.

Don't worry, we're almost done. Draw the second wing, it is like the first one.

Step 21.

Now begin to draw the belly. All dragons I draw will usually have a different design on their belly.

Step 22.

Now begin to draw the belly. All dragons I draw will usually have a different design on their belly.

Step 23.

Now begin to draw the belly. All dragons I draw will usually have a different design on their belly.

Step 24.

Last, erase all of your mistakes and the guide lines with a white eraser and add detail or color it iif you would like to.

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Artist: SugarC
Date Added: December 31, 2015
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Description: Everybody loves dragons, So why not draw one?