How to Draw a Baby Phoenix, Phoenix Bird

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Star with two shapes, one for the head and another for the bottom. Connect them both with a neck line.


Draw the actual shape of the baby phoenix's head like so, then add the feathery tufts at the back of the head. Draw in the small beak, then draw the back of the neck.


As you know these birds of hope have three circles on the tips of their head feathers. Draw those in like so, then sketch out the chest, wing and then the clawed foot as well as some of the leg.


The next thing you will need to do his draw out the large eye. Make sure that the lining for the lid is thick, bold, and dark. Add lashes, then the pupil.


Almost done folks. Draw in more of the large wing, then draw in the long soft looking feathery tail. Finish the body by sketching out the other thigh and foot.


Lastly, add another piece of the tail feather. Erase the mistakes and you're done.


Now that you are all done, you can start coloring in your baby phoenix drawing that you just made.

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June 26, 2012

Description: After this tutorial I will be showing you how to draw two more fantasy related baby characters. But first, we will learn "how to draw a baby phoenix", step by step. I have drawn so many of these beautiful birds in the past and for some reason I just can't get enough of them. I know I may have submitted a tutorial on a phoenix for kids in the past, but that is totally different than what I was trying to do here. The other two baby figures that I will upload later might blow some of you away with cuteness. These are such fun figures to draw, so I hope all you fantasy and mythology lovers enjoy drawing a phoenix in a baby form as well. I shall be back so no worries. Peace out people!

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