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How to Draw A Phoenix

Artist: J_Mac09 / September 10, 2010
How to Draw A Phoenix

Step 1.

So I'd like to start with some MAJORLY needed guidelines. Basically, these guidelines follow the basic shape of the body and wings. Draw them accordingly.

Step 2.

So in this step we start drawing the body. Start by drawing the head, then make your way down to the tail and back up. In the middle of that draw an inner layer. Make it thinner than the outter layer :)

Step 3.

Pretty simple eh? Now we get a little tricky. We're going to start drawing out the front bottom wing. Draw out the main outline of it. You'll then draw in the 2 inner layers of it. These multiple layers of lines really help in the color/shading. Sorr   

Step 4.

So this step is a little easier, but still tricky. Start by drawing the outline once more than add in the appropriate inner layers. I apologize again that I put so much in these 2 steps. I'll try to make it simpler in steps, though that makes for mor   

Step 5.

I promised an easy step didn't I? Well Now we start on the top front wing's "EDGE" or "Skeleton" So for this we just get the backbone of the wing drawn in. Simple right?

Step 6.

Now we are going to step it up a notch and finish out the wing. Draw out the main outline like always and then draw in the inner layer. Its getting easier to see the phoenix now isn't it? Don't stop your almost there!

Step 7.

I wanted to make this easy too. So once again we are drawing the skeleton of the top back wing. Its pretty self explanitory how to do this part. Just follow your guidelines!

Step 8.

So now I'm throwing the rest of the wing at you! Haha! Ok just like always, remember to draw the outline, then the inner layers. This birds got a lot of layer drawing eh? Well just wait till you see the next step!

Step 9.

Wow great new step huh? Pretty tough one, I'd say toughest, lol. All you do in this step is draw in the floating feathers the lie around the phoenix.

Step 10.

So now all you do is erase the unnessessary guidelines, which might be tricky considering thery are buried in the layers of lines XD. Hope you had fun, I know I did! Until next time, "May the force be with you."

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Racoon_with_a_pencile · 5 years ago
thnx i could draw this on my pc, theni could add color!!!!
Artist: J_Mac09
Date Added: September 10, 2010
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Description: Hey everyone! Its J_Mac here with an EPIC new tut. What is it? Well its a Phoenix of course! Ok what's so special about a Phoenix? Well, honestly... I don't know. They are a mythological bird that controls fire and has the ability to heal and will reincarnate itself through its ashes! Pretty sweet eh? I bet you'd like one now? I know I would. So I'm here to show you how to draw one of these magnificent creatures. Have fun and good luck!